Every team twice as busy as before.

If every team in your business was

  • twice as busy
  • twice as happy
  • and getting through their work at twice the speed because they love it

wouldn’t that be a great place to work?

It’s all possible thanks to Method Teaming, a human science that understands how to place people in teams doing the job they were made to do.

Method Teaming is a science-based methodology that is changing how people work all over the world. It will help you build work teams where people are excited because they’re doing the work that their natural strengths and talents prepared them for.

When people are fully engaged with their work they are more productive. They also make better team-mates and they stay with you longer.

To find out  more about the science of Method Teaming go here. Otherwise choose from the solutions on the right the area that is your most pressing need and discover how Method Teaming can help your organization boost engagement by 100%.


Ciaran Nagle, OND’s Global Marketing Manager, explains how employee engagement takes a huge leap up the scale when you implement Method Teaming.    Length 1 min 14 secs.

Team Productivity Solutions

Sales Productivity

do your numbers reliably, consistently

Talent Management and Engagement

more productivity, more joy


know exactly who is the best fit for the team

Sustainable Innovation

stay in front, but at lower cost


be compliant AND more productive

HR Planning

build teams that light up the organization


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