Chris McCormack


Chris is a High-K EQ. He is the CEO of Upbeat Consulting, based out of the UK. Chris has an exceptional thirty five years executive experience in the IT industry. He has complemented this with a lifetime of charity volunteering and sports coaching. This has led to a unique perspective on working with people to get things done. He is a passionate and highly effective change advocate and now uses his experience to deliver leadership, business support and event experiences. He knows exactly how important it is to have people and teams completely aligned with their natural strengths and talents and is a massive advocate of Method Teaming.


Chris’s experiences span technical, project management, program management, operational management, business development and sales with Philips Data Systems and Hewlett Packard. His career has taken him around the world working in a range of industries such as IT, Automotive, Aerospace, Energy and Public Sector, where he has transformed businesses through the use and application of digital technologies. He has worked with some of the World’s largest organisations, among which are BP, GM, Ford, EADS and the Ministry of Justice.


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