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Many users of Method Teaming tell us that when a project fails, around 90% of the time it is because of people and teaming issues. From what we hear, shortfalls in technology and processes rarely account for project failure. The root cause appears to be that teams are...

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Solving the Productivity Puzzle

The UK economy is growing but productivity isn’t!   What is the Productivity Puzzle? It is very encouraging that the UK is seeing strong economic growth. In 2014, GDP has risen to above pre-financial crisis levels and growth rates are in excess of 3% over 2013...

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Inherent Mistrust

Each Intellect - Strategists, EQs, Networkers, and PDs - think on fundamentally different dimensions. They communicate differently. They value different things. They seek different rewards. They attack their work in radically different ways. They prioritize...

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Preventing Prickly PD’s

More than any other Intellect, our PDs are driven to cross the finish line. Because they think on the “How” dimension, they have the most talent for organizing, planning, and most importantly, finishing work. While all Intellects contribute to the quality of work...

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PD/Strategists are the Idea Bridge

The Strategist has a game-changing idea. Being a high pattern thinker with the ability to see many chess moves into the future, the Strategist knows the idea will work. But, since it is a breakthrough idea, it’s never been tried before. There isn’t any proof it will...

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Networkers to PD’s: I have your back

More than 90% of projects fail on the people dimension, not the technology or process dimensions. What does that failure look like? It has many faces: one person dominates the team; we failed to understand the end user/client’s objectives; lack of trust; misalignment...

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