Rediscovery of Talent is Hugely Significant to People, Teams and Companies

Talent has lain deep inside humans for thousands of years. To the ancients, a talent was a measure of silver or gold. By the Middle Ages if you had a natural ability – a gifting – that was your fortune. It was the basis of your life’s work and income. Your talent was your silver and gold.

But talent was hard to pinpoint so we began to measure each other instead by our learned skills and experience.

Talent is deeper and older, however. It drives us whether we recognize it or not. It can make us, if we follow it, or break us, if we ignore it.

“The intuitive (talented) mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein.

Recently we have discovered how to read and understand the talent of every individual. It’s a development of profound significance. Talent is more than a foundation on which to build skills. Talent is a living thing. It provides direction. It delivers energy. It moves us to achieve great things. It underlies purpose. It gives us a place.

The re-discovery of talent in all its wealth and detail has huge implications for people, teams and organizations. Here are some of them…

…for you:

Everyone wants to make the most of their talent.

It will uncover and illustrate the talent you’ve always known is there but have never been able to accurately describe

It will allow work team colleagues to discover the ‘deep down you’

It will show you exactly the type of work you were made for

It will show you how you can make the greatest impact on your team and organization

It will help you on your way to a life of success and fulfillment

It will impact your home life and all your relationships for the better

…for your team:

Every team needs the right mix of talents and ‘Intellects’ (not how intelligent you are but how your mind channels your intelligence) to perform to its highest potential.

It will allow the team to become a better and better place to work

It will make team management better and easier

It will power the team to achieve more than it ever did before

It will ensure the team works harmoniously without any dysfunction

It will help the team to cope better with short term difficulties

…for your organization:

Every organization wants to do as much as possible with what it’s got.

It will allow more accurate forecasting and planning of growth

It will allow more to be achieved with the same people

The organization will be a happier place to work

It will ensure less waste of time and resources

It will reduce the number of costly mistakes made

It will guarantee a better reputation for the company

It will result in more innovation

The organization will be a sought after place to work

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