Employee engagement



Ciaran Nagle, OND’s Global Marketing Manager describes three powerful outcomes
that HR can achieve from using Method Teaming.      Length 1 min 37 secs.

Good people in the wrong job will fail!

How do you build your teams?

With the traditional approach?

Or with a view to engagement?

Traditional Approach:

  • Impersonal
  • Inconsistent
  • Fictitious
  • Quantity


Predictable Stagnation:

  • 80% of workforce disengaged
    (Deloitte survey data)
  • Low productivity
  • High staff turnover


Team Approach:

  • Leverages real natural talent
  • Precise and durable
  • Intellectual Diversity
  • Quality



High-Growth Organizations:

  • Double employee engagement
  • Team productivity increased over 50%
  • Good hires developed and fulfilled
  • 147% higher earnings per share (Gallup)



Case Study – Healthcare Business

Before Method Teaming

A $40m healthcare business hired two non-performing CEOs within 5 years. The company was losing revenue and patients. A recruiter was pressuring the doctors to hire yet another unsuitable CEO.


Method Teaming Solution

  1. Talent-mapped the leadership team roles needed to drive company success
  2. Re-defined CEO role in context of the leadership team


After Method Teaming

  • Hired a new CEO who has jump-started the business
  • Increased the productivity and effectiveness of the entire leadership team
  • Became No. 1 healthcare supplier in the state


Case Study – Fortune 50 Tech Company

Before Method Teaming

A long established company was missing sales targets and losing key accounts even with deeply discounted pricing. Sales team was disengaged. Cripplingly high staff turnover.


Method Teaming Solution

  1. Re-deployed teams in alignment with natural talent
  2. Trained sales teams to sell on ‘Buyer Intellect’


After Method Teaming

  • Achieved full year sales target in 6 months
  • Regained multiple key accounts
  • Increased employee engagement and reduced staff turnover


Method Teaming’s® individual and team talent maps:


                             Help deliver unprecedented engagement levels

                            Speed HR/business leaders building strong teams

                            Provide sound basis for human capital decision-making

The Intellect on Icon map is used for building teams


Method Teaming is a science-based methodology that maps the natural strengths and talents of individuals and teams. It’s the surest and easiest way to achieve perfect:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Engagement
  • Retention
  • Leadership development

HR professionals can be certified in Method Teaming.



Method Teaming helps HR and business leaders:

  • Agree how to fill team gaps
  • Work from individual and team talent maps
  • Build teams with draughtsmanlike precision
  • Drive up productivity by 53% (US) or 91% (UK)


Method Teaming’s leap-from-the-page clarity:

  • Gives 3D insight on team creation
  • Brings the company’s talent into high relief
  • Shows if teams have what they need to succeed
  • Helps HR guide management to make right changes to deliver company strategy



– from your HR office, using your talent maps. Method Teaming:

  • Was born in the business world
  • Makes exact talent investment easier
  • Enables HR to talk to business leaders in business terms
  • Makes HR central to business success

Method Teaming speaks business. It unites HR and business leaders around an easily shared toolset.

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