Inherent Mistrust

Inherent Mistrust

There is inherent mistrust between each Intellect and every other Intellect. Let’s take a look at few examples starting with how PDs perceive EQs:

  • Shallow
  • Don’t have the facts
  • A little slimy, not sure they can be trusted
  • Couldn’t deliver anything
  • No substance
  • Avoid contact

And if we turn this around and look at how EQs perceive PDs we get:

  • Propeller heads
  • Couldn’t sell their way out of a paper bag
  • Don’t know how to spin
  • Pedantic
  • Nuts and Bolts guys
  • They want to tell me everything they know

These two Intellects inherently mistrust each other because they think on different dimensions. At OND we convert this inherent mistrust into absolute respect for one another’s Intellect.


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