Key Applications: Cross-Industry and Industry Specific

Cross-Industry Applications

As the engine of collaboration, Method Teaming benefits any business in any industry that must complete high value work with teams. These teams may work together daily to manage work through a process, be formed for specific initiatives, or, coordinate work across functional silos within a single enterprise or across multiple enterprises. Method Teaming yields the most benefit to teams comprised of high-value people working on high-value problems. Below are examples of the types of teams who have the potential to gain significant benefits:

  • CEO lead teams who must manage cross-functional and cross-enterprise initiatives, set strategy (requires all four Intellects), and jump S-Curves.
  • Teams driving major, one-time initiatives.
  • A functional manager like a CMO and their team.
  • Project Management Offices who must staff and manage key initiatives
  • Project leaders and teams who must design, build and implement complex solutions, especially those meeting the needs of internal and/or external customers.
  • Boards of Directors and Senior Management teams who must do forward- thinking succession planning.
  • Teams who must create market-changing products or solutions.
  • Teams who must enter a new market or launch a business.
  • Teams who must solve unique, situational problems that arise during design, build and implementation phases.
  • Teams who must manage complex cross-functional and/or cross-enterprise projects, processes, and initiatives. Examples include:
    • Product Management – Cross-functional process impacting strategy, finance, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, sales, etc.
    • Supply Chain Management – Cross Enterprise process of high value.
    • Cultural Change Initiative – Cross-functional and cross-enterprise initiative impacting everyone in a company, and potentially the company’s value chain (their suppliers and customers at a minimum)
    • Merger/Acquisition – Similar to Cultural Change Initiative with the added challenge of identifying talent to keep, redeploy and RIF. Today, this is accomplished without insight into true talent nor how that talent must align with a realistic job description.
  • Teams who must collaborate across time zones and cultural barriers, especially those with people whom they may never meet face-to-face or see rarely.
  • These teams may be executing, designing, and/or managing a process, project, or initiative.
  • Sales teams operating in a complex sales environment. Characteristics of a complex sales environment may include, but not be limited to:
    • Solutions that have product and service components
    • Customized, complex solutions
    • Multiple buyers with a variety of subject matter expertise/interests or from multiple functional silos
    • Sales teams must collaborate with buyers to design, manage, or implement solutions

Industry Specific Applications

In addition to the cross-industry applications cited above, OND believes that Method Teaming provides industry-specific benefits to these Industries:

Legal & Consulting – …….Any partnership based organization where the compensation model is “eat what you kill” can dramatically improve revenue generation. Typically we find zero teaming and a strict adherence to a deeply held myth, the myth of the “Renaissance Partner.”………. Grind down bus development talent doing grunt work in the first years……miss client mgmt expertise that can increase work flow/number of decision makers with whom they have relationships, increasing the barriers to exit for the client and barriers to entry for competing firms.

Staffing & Recruiting – These firms are tasked with the job of finding and supplying talent. However, their assessment of talent is often limited to interviews, references and a resume or CV. Most often, they are assessing what we all can see, learned skills. Yet innate talent is a more reliable predictor of success. In addition, both the recruiter and their client, the perspective employer, are complicit in starting the hunt based on a job description only Superman or Superwoman can fill. Job descriptions are fiction; they call for a mix of talents that cannot be found in the world. Both settle for an overall ‘best match.’ ……..They do not have to get lucky, they could be certain…..missing opportunity to differentiate themselves.

Health Care – medical practices run by doc exec committee and prof mgmt team. Docs are PDs and don’t always understand or trust other intellects to run things….

Higher Education – Pouring more knowledge in where performance is measured on knowledge, need to prepare Intellects to work in teams…….especially true in MBA school. Also law and medicine need them because each learns when they set up practice that their success is determined by other things than their subject matter expertise…….

Venture Capital – startups live or die by the combination of intellects on the early stage teams and the order in which they are added……An upfront investment of 20K could save millions.


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