EQ stands for External Qualifier. The “EQ” thinks on the “where” dimension. The world-class EQ has a built-in radar for finding and qualifying the best opportunities for investing company resources. When you first meet the EQ they give you the impression that they know a lot about a lot. By the time you have your fifth or sixth meeting with the EQ you may find that they are still as broad, but perhaps not as deep, as you thought. This has profound implications for what the EQ should or should not do in the middle portion of a major initiative or a sales pursuit.

The EQ is usually very bright and very articulate. They can speak in powerful sound bytes, which, along with their top line and bottom line orientation, enable them to generate energy and enthusiasm for risky, but potentially lucrative ideas, investments, or sales opportunities. This can fuel their climb to top positions.

Don’t ask the EQ to work in the same place five days a week; the EQ has to be on the move. The EQ would rather be in 20 places in a week (usually selling a project, investment, or product).

In selling, it is critical to understand how to sell to an EQ. Selling to an EQ is completely different than selling to the other three Intellects.


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