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There is not a single Instrument on the market that measures Intellects in the way the Method Teaming defines Intellects. Therefore we use three Instruments to “vector in” on a person’s primary Intellect. Using these three Instruments we can determine a person’s Intellect with great clarity.

To Complete MTIA (Method Teaming Instrument Array)

You will be taking all three instruments in the MTIA (Method Teaming Instrument Array). Please take them all at one sitting. Each Instrument takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Click on the “MTIA – (All Three Instruments)” button. Once you click this button, you will be taken to another site where you will take the first two instruments. Simply follow the on-screen directions to complete the first two instruments.

Once you complete the first two Instruments, you will be automatically taken to the site to complete the third instrument (Cognitive Structure). Use the login code and password you received in your email when prompted for it. Please ignore the VPID field. Once you have completed this last Instrument “X” out of the application.


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