PD stands for Project Director. PDs are the engineers of the business world. They think on the “how” dimension. PDs must finish what they start. The PD thrives in complexity, but not ambiguity. The PDs think inside the box and probably designed the box. The PD loves to deliver. They see the project design (or the “how”) and methodology as the solution. The PD has great personal discipline. Without PDs, the world wouldn’t get much done. PDs have a hard time respecting others who are not as content deep and as organized as they are. They are highly detail oriented and analytical. They love data, information and knowledge.

PDs makes great Project Directors. PDs can bring order and structure to a sales cycle once the strategy has been determined, but are rarely asked to assume this role for very interesting reasons. There are three tribes of PDs, each playing a different but critical role. Having the right mix of PD talent on a major initiative or is vital to success.

In selling, it is critical to understand how to sell to a PD. Selling to a PD is completely different than selling to the other three Intellects.


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