Sales Process and Sales Training

Sales Process and Sales Training

OND is not in the sales process business. We believe that there are many fine sales processes on the market, in fact, it is difficult to buy a bad one these days. These sales processes and the training that comes with them are important and valuable.

Sales processes provide excellent training on the “where, when and how” of selling, but are usually surprisingly weak on the “who” of selling. Method Teaming provides the missing link, the “who” of selling. We can map Method Teaming to any sales process you may have in place. We frequently meet companies on their second or third sales process because the first or second didn’t work. At OND we believe that those companies were simply missing the all important Method Teaming dimension.

A pursuit team that is weak on the Method Teaming dimension is doomed almost from the beginning of the pursuit. In fact, the only opportunity for such a team to win is to count on your competition having equally weak teams.

It is critical that the Mission-perfect Sales Team be composed of the right Intellects and their sale pursuit strategy be built and coached with the Intellects of the key executive buyers in mind.


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