Close major contracts using OND’s expertise and Method Teaming methodology

Closing big contracts requires expertise and experience. OND’s management team have won many major contracts over the last 25 years. Combining our experience of big contract closing with the Method Teaming® Sales Productivity Solution is a force to annihilate any competition.

Big Deal Coaching from OND will:

  • Ensure you have the right players in your bid team
  • Ensure you understand all client ‘Intellects’ – how they think
  • Match your sales material, sales arguments and value proposition to each client member to turn their No to Yes.

A winning effort, not just a major effort, is required to close a major deal. OND has the experience and the expertise to mount that winning effort.

A Big Four consultancy stole a $787m deal from under the noses of their competitors. They started late, came from behind, but won because they had a great coach and the right methodology to win a major deal.” – See Case Study.

When a major contract looms, you have to act fast. OND has the experience and tools to build a world class bid team – quickly – and close the deal. You will learn a lot. Next time, your staff will have the confidence to work by themselves.



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