Teams That Work – The Business Efficiency Solution


Ciaran Nagle, OND’s Global Marketing Manager, explains how Method Teaming creates teams that work to drive efficiency across the enterprise. Length 1 min 12 secs.

Business efficiency is achieved when employees are able to use their natural strengths and talents in the course of their job. When employees use their natural strengths and talents in their work, they are more motivated by the work and they do it better.

And when the strengths and talents in the team complement each other and every person knows not only their own strengths but the strengths of everyone else on the team, the efficiency is multiplied. These are teams that work.

Teams that work allow you to get more from the same people. They are also the way to drive down costs across the enterprise.


The Method Teaming Business Efficiency solution is a tailored program that will:

  • Discover the natural strengths and talents of all team members
  • Plot those strengths on the team map
  • Align the team’s strengths to the team’s goals

When the team’s combined strengths are enabled to flow efficiently to wherever they are needed, work is performed to a higher quality and it’s performed faster.

The Business Efficiency solution builds teams that work and is suitable for IT, Finance, Service Delivery, Call Centers, Marketing, Engineering and all other back office and general business departments and teams.

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“Using Method Teaming® we increased our productivity by 40% and went from a highly siloed, low trust, low value-perceived organization all the way up to #2 amongst telecom companies as ranked by Information Week. Method Teaming® taught us how to use the natural talent of our people, respect one another’s intellect and create powerful teams with a science and common language.”

Valerie Parrish-Porter, CIO, Embarq Corporation (a major spin-off from Sprint and now acquired by CenturyLink)

Building teams that work was never this much fun, until now. The thrill of seeing mediocre performers become superstars is what excites senior executives and HR managers the most, research shows.


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