An executive presence earns respect from customers and colleagues.

Executive presence skills are the business person’s greatest asset. To possess these skills means to project confidence far beyond that of peers.

An Executive Presence Development (EPD) program from OND will:

  • Assist executives to project authority
  • Boost salespeople‘s ability to persuade and close
  • Help junior managers to demonstrate suitability for an executive role

Communicate ideas powerfully – that’s the goal of executive presence development.

“In Method Teaming, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has discovered a program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants.”
Marcel Keller, VP & General Manager, Technology Services Sales & Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, August 2016

A powerful executive presence lends gravitas to a sales presentation and gives weight to any argument.


1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees more powerful results from Method Teaming than any other sales program

2. Method Teaming helps fortune 100 sales division hit target again after months of misfiring

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