Build Innovation Teams That Work, Always

Ciaran Nagle, Global Marketing Manager, describes three vital benefits that accrue when
an innovation team is built with Method Teaming.    Length 1 min 29 secs.

Creation of innovation teams – teams that are tasked with innovation – is achievable with almost zero risk of failure. Teams can be formed to deliver with predictable success.

Innovation teams built with Method Teaming will:

  • Engage productively from day one

  • Manage talent and resources efficiently

  • Deliver required innovations on time

Innovation is essential for competitive advantage. Human capital can now be confidently invested in innovation with high expectation of early success.



Innovation team creation, that works perfectly from day one, is now within the reach of every business.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has reinvented itself yet again. Appropriately it has used a hi-tech formula about people and talent, Method Teaming, to transform and revitalize its flagship Technology Services (TS) sales organization into an industry leading growth engine.” – HPE Case Study.


1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees more powerful results from Method Teaming than any other sales program


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