The Precision Recruitment Solution to create Teams That Work


Ciaran Nagle, Global Marketing Manager, describes three benefits arising from a
Method Teaming recruitment program.       Length: 1 min 16 secs.

The world of recruitment is pivoting into a new phase. Leading enterprises are now building strengths-based cultures and leaving behind the old focus on skills.
They have realised that in the battle to recruit the best, the most talented people are opting for employers who will work with them to develop their natural strengths and talents. Teams and departments built on natural strengths and talents are teams that work.
The focus on skills in recruitment is widely seen to have failed. Too many professional people, recruited for their skills, hate their jobs. 70% of employees report not being fully engaged. 30% are completely disengaged. Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, will no longer tolerate the status quo.
Gallup reports that when people use their natural strengths and talents in the course of their work, they are more motivated. They perform better and communicate better with colleagues. Work output is improved as is work quality. Productivity is at least 8% higher and people are 15% less likely to leave their jobs. This means companies make more money and save more money when strengths are engaged.
And when people work in teams where everyone knows their own and everyone else’s natural strengths, and everyone is carrying out work that aligns with those strengths, the beneficial effects are multiplied. These are teams that work. Since the complexity of modern business is such that more and more work is done in teams, it’s vital that organizations know how to build teams that work.
Method Teaming is a people technology that helps organizations build teams that work. It can be easily taught. HR departments can rapidly become centres of excellence in building teams that work and radically increase their strategic contribution to the company’s fortunes.
The Method Teaming Precision Recruitment Solution is a tailored program that aims to give HR or hiring managers the knowledge and understanding to build teams that work. When teams work like they should, engagement and retention rises too. This means the effect of good recruitment translates into permanent year-on-year savings for the enterprise.


“Method Teaming provided a valuable and powerful insight to ensure the right people were ‘on the bus’ and even had the ‘CORRECT seats on the bus’ for the success of the organization but as important for their individual success and happiness in their careers.”

Bret Perkins, Director, Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Traditional recruitment processes have disappointed employees and employers alike. Method Teaming can end the disappointment.


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