Sales teams consistently exceeding targets

Ciaran Nagle, OND’s Global Marketing Manager, explains how Method Teaming
helps salespeople turn buyers’ No to Yes.         Length 1 min 14 secs.

Sales revenues, margin and customer satisfaction all dramatically increase when a sales team implements Method Teaming. Not only that but sales targets are achieved ahead of schedule.

• The Method Teaming solution is a revolutionary way to improve your sales engine, not touched by conventional sales training techniques.
• You find out, with great precision, the natural strengths and talents of the team. Perfect for understanding how best to field your team members.
• Armed with this information, the team can then be realigned so that your best new business sales people are aligned with winning new logo customers, your natural relationship-developers are put in charge of major accounts and your more technical sales people are supporting the installed base. In short, every member is playing in the right position.
• The sales force is equipped with the ability to recognize the characteristics of the client and how they buy. Sales people can adapt their style of selling for better outcomes. They know how to reach inside the buyer’s head and turn ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ every time.

• Annual growth in revenue by over 20% is commonplace with users of Method Teaming.
• Immediate ‘day one’ impact on the sales funnel when your sales people are back in the field after Method Teaming training.
• Margins will increase because you are driving up productivity and efficiency from your existing team; no additional costs other than extra commission to pay.
• Customer satisfaction will increase. And we all know that happy customers buy more!
• Your sales team will be highly motivated and fully engaged with their work. This will significantly improve retention of the best people.

Method Teaming gives you a real competitive advantage!

“In Method Teaming, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has discovered a sales program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants.”
Marcel Keller, VP and General Manager, Technology Services (TS), HPE, August 2016

“The act of selling involves reaching into the mind of the buyer and flipping a switch from No to Yes. What we like about Method Teaming is that it directly and immediately improves our ability to flip that switch from No to Yes. That’s why in HPE Americas right now we are leveraging Method Teaming as the core element of our talent program.”

Steve King, General Manager, Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Americas.

August 2016

1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees more powerful results from Method Teaming than any other sales program the company has used
2. Method Teaming Helps Healthcare Company Get Fit Again After Two Disastrous CEO Hires


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