Optimize Your Talent: Maximize Employee Engagement in Teams

Ciaran Nagle, OND’s Global Marketing Manager explains why Method Teaming is the best tool to use for talent optimization. Length 1 min 12 secs.

Talent optimization is achieved when employees are fully engaged in teams. The science and methodology of Method Teaming make good talent optimization management achievable by every business.

Talent Optimization outcomes from Method Teaming include:

  • Team productivity of 90% or more of potential
  • Job satisfaction and staff retention levels up to double the US average
  • Leadership development that puts managers in the jobs they were made for (but never knew)

Talent optimization management becomes a manager’s delight with Method Teaming. The visual tools and talent maps of individuals and teams make talent management a pure joy.

“Using Method Teaming® we increased our productivity by 40% and went from a highly siloed, low trust, low value-perceived organization all the way up to #2 amongst telecom companies as ranked by Information Week. Method Teaming® taught us how to use the natural talent of our people, respect one another’s intellect and create powerful teams with a science and common language.”

Valerie Parrish-Porter, CIO, Embarq Corporation (a major spin-off from Sprint and now acquired by CenturyLink)

Human capital management was never this much fun, until now. The thrill of seeing mediocre performers become superstars is what excites senior executives and HR managers the most, research shows.


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