Reduce your salary bill. Get everyone in the right seat.


People whose talent is aligned with their job role:

  • Place a lesser priority on money
  • Work more discretionary hours for free
  • Make fewer mistakes and are ill less often
  • Remain with you into the high experience ‘sweet spot’ for years

The evidence of research from Gallup, Deloitte and others is that disengaged or partly-engaged employees are not only less productive but also cost more in salary, management time and illness. They are also more likely to quit, forcing you to waste more valuable management time to find a replacement, often at a higher salary, and suffer costly disruption and cost of re-training.

Method Teaming® is an easily-taught program and methodology, proven in dozens of large and medium companies, that gets the right talent in the right seat. It builds teams and organizations that work in which people can bring their own talents into play but also know and leverage each other’s talents far more efficiently than before. This vastly increases engagement and reduces cost in more than 10 different areas. We have the business case to prove it.

If reducing cost is important to you, contact us to see our cost reduction business case. We’ll prove to you we can reduce your salary and related costs whilst increasing productivity.


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Saving Money Solutions

Talent Optimization and Engagement

more productivity, less cost


know exactly who is the best fit for the team

Sustainable Innovation

stay in front, but at lower cost

HR Planning

build teams that power the organization

Excerpted from our case study. In a major US Shipping agency:

  • The salary bill fell as productivity increased and employees began to like their jobs
  • The company avoided hundreds of further costly bad hires
  • The error rate – a cause of huge cost in management time – fell to manageable levels
  • The contagion of poor engagement, with its associated high staffing costs, disappeared as a threat


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