The Power Station Within

Unlocking the Power of Natural Talent

Deep within the software of our brains lies a unique set of capabilities that we long to put into play. They are as individual to us as our fingerprints.

We call these capabilities our natural strengths and talents, a phrase that doesn’t do justice to the enormous power and influence they give us. Here’s what we know about them:

  • They form a major part of our sense of purpose.

  • They drive us and motivate us even when we are tired.

  • When our work is aligned with our natural strengths and talents we are motivated and energised. We work beyond normal hours and we work to a very high quality.

  • When we work in a team which is similarly aligned, we function close to 100% of our potential. We look forward to coming to work. We give of our best and we love it.

Method Teaming – a people technology.

Our natural strengths and talents are the power station within. If not engaged it sits dark and quiet, like an empty building.

But if it is switched on and engaged, its power is unstoppable and we can overcome any problems that confront us.

OND Method Teaming is a people technology that understands how to reveal the unique dynamics of everyone’s power station of strengths and talents. It works at a team level, enabling people with complementary strengths to bring those strengths into play at the right time and work together seamlessly towards a common goal.

Everyone has a power station within. Let’s switch them all on and see what they can do.

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