Transform your sales team – fast.

In just 90 days your sales team can be turned up to full power. Sales people will understand customer needs faster and adapt their communication and selling style accordingly. We will map your people’s strengths in a way you can easily read to ensure you put them in the right roles, doing the work they were made for. For example identifying who are your best new business sales people and who are naturally the best account managers. That way they’ll all be more productive – and richer.

Method Teaming© Sales Excellence solutions enable salespeople to turn the customer’s No to Yes. You’ll smash your targets…

      • Aggressively grow revenue and margin

      • Shorten sales cycles and maximise deal size

      • Forecast with certainty and strengthen the sales funnel

You’re less than 90 days away from full performance and having a sales team that works.

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Four Sales Excellence Solutions. Choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Method Teaming® Sales Excellence: the Five Star Sales Program

This powerful program opens your team’s eyes to the way your customers think and how they like to receive information and be sold to.The program will turn the ‘power station’ dial in your sales people’s heads to maximum and enable them to over-achieve their targets month after month.

Stage One – Team Analytics. We begin by carrying out a pinpoint analysis of the team to identify their natural strengths and talents; we call this their Intellect. We’ll use Method Teaming technology to check that everyone is in the right role for their talents. We’ll scan the team and produce a ‘team map’ which shows how effective the team really is and how to optimize it to perfection.

Stage Two – By-Intellect Selling. A one-day workshop which instructs the sales team how to read individual customers and how to change their style of selling to better persuade customers. By the day after the course, they’ll be able to flick the switch in their customers’ minds from No to Yes in a way they never could have learned by themselves.

Stage Three – Coaching and Development. We re-inforce the teaching by working with sales people and their manager to apply Method Teaming to real-life sales situations. This will help to increase revenues, improve forecast accuracy and shorten sales cycles. We may also help the manager re-align sales assignments so everyone is doing what they do best. You’ll notice major improvements within days of implementing Method Teaming!

Proven Results:

• Annual growth in revenue of over 20% is commonplace with users of Method Teaming Sales Excellence.
• Immediate ‘day one’ impact on the sales funnel when your sales people are back in the field after Method Teaming training.
• Margins increase because you are driving up productivity and efficiency from your existing team; no additional costs other than extra commission to pay!
• Customer satisfaction will increase. And happy customers buy more.
• Your sales team will be highly motivated and fully engaged with their work. This will significantly improve retention of your best people.

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2. Quick Start – Team Analytics.

The first half of Method Teaming Sales Excellence. You’ll have everyone in the right seats on the bus and they’ll spark off each other and inspire one another like a true team that works. The solution consists of:

  • Individual profiles of team members to reveal natural strengths and talents

  • One-to-one profile debrief with each team member

  • Creation of ‘team map’

  • Review with sales team manager to highlight potential improvements to team structure

  • Free download of the Method Teaming Pocket Guide App

Prices are per person.


3. Quick-Start – By Intellect Selling

A half-day workshop which instructs the sales team with basic principles on how to read individual customers and how to change their style of selling to better persuade those customers. By the day after the course, they’ll be able to turn No to Yes in a way they never could have learned by themselves. Note: team analytics is not included in this program but can be added at a later date.

The program covers

  • Basic principles of Method Teaming

  • By-Intellect Recognition: recognising customers’ Intellect even without having their profile available

  • By-Intellect Communicating and Selling: how best to sell to each of the four Intellects

  • Free download of the Method Teaming Pocket Guide App

Prices are per person


4. Big Deal Coaching.

Closing big contracts requires expertise and experience. OND’s management team have won many major contracts over the last 25 years. Combining our experience of big contract closing with the Method Teaming® Sales Productivity Solution is a force to annihilate any competition.

Big Deal Coaching from OND will:

  • Ensure you have the right players in your bid team

  • Ensure you understand all client ‘Intellects’ – how they think

  • Match your sales material, sales arguments and value proposition to each client member to turn their No to Yes.

A winning effort, not just a major effort, is required to close a major deal. OND has the experience and the expertise to mount that winning effort.

Download the Big Deal Coaching Solution Brief


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Ciaran Nagle, Global Marketing Manager, explains how Method Teaming
helps sales teams go to full power and turn buyers’ No to Yes. Length 1 min 14 secs.

“In Method Teaming, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has discovered a sales program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants.”
Marcel Keller, VP and General Manager, Technology Services (TS), HPE, August 2016

“The act of selling involves reaching into the mind of the buyer and flipping a switch from No to Yes. What we like about Method Teaming is that it directly and immediately improves our ability to flip that switch from No to Yes. That’s why in HPE Americas right now we are leveraging Method Teaming as the core element of our talent program.”

Steve King, General Manager, Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Americas.

August 2016



1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees more powerful results from Method Teaming than any other sales program the company has used

2. Method Teaming Helps Healthcare Company Get Fit Again After Two Disastrous CEO Hires




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