The 90 day program that delivers reliable innovation for ever

More than ever, businesses need to accelerate innovation if they are to survive and prosper. Innovation needs to become constant, repeatable, sustainable.

With the Method Teaming® Sustainable Innovation program your company can:


  • Be always first to market – reaping first mover advantage every time

  • Have control of costs – able to budget accurately for innovation

  • Engage all your people – win long-term loyalty to the change



By applying Sustainable Innovation you can identify the strengths and talents of your people and apply the right talents at the right time in the innovation process. We help you to:


  • Identify the people with the best ideas.

  • Convert those ideas to reality.

  • Find the people who can socialise the ideas and win support for them throughout the company.

  • Ensure the ideas are saleable – within or without.


Once you know how to use Sustainable Innovation you can carry out successful innovation – whether internal or customer-facing – for ever.


You’re less than 90 days away from a world-class innovation capability.

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Not sure yet? More detail about Sustainable Innovation…


Build Innovation Teams That Work, Always

Ciaran Nagle, Global Marketing Manager, describes three vital benefits that accrue when
an innovation team is built with Sustainable Innovation.    Length 1 min 29 secs.

There are three points to note about innovation:


  • Every innovation process has different stages

  • Each stage requires different talents on the team

  • Method Teaming® Sustainable Innovation is uniquely equipped to identify the right talents for each stage


How does Method Teaming deliver sustainable innovation?

There are 3 stages:


  • Team Diagnostic – the talent X-ray of your people (team profile)

  • Team Foundry – where we begin to create your innovation talent pool

  • Business Application – we help you create a team design card – a succinct execution plan to build the innovation team and deliver the first fruits



Train the Trainers. Sustainable Innovation is a technology and process for you to own.

We will:

  • teach you how to set targets and before-and-after measurements for every innovation program

  • work with you on your innovation process. If you already have a preferred process, we will adapt Sustainable Innovation to that process. Otherwise we will recommend another suitable process

  • explain how an innovation team must change during the process in order to bring the right talents to bear at the right times

  • teach Sustainable Innovation to your staff and managers

  • consult and advise your leaders on both strategy and day-to-day decisions about your innovation process until such time as you no longer need us


How else can Sustainable Innovation be good for my organisation?


As well as delivering an innovation capability that will last long into the future, the program will also impact these areas:


  • Diversity. Method Teaming sees beyond color and creed to what really matters – natural strengths and talent. Method Teaming naturally re-inforces your diversity policy.

  • Self-esteem. Method Teaming identifies hidden talent and brings it to the fore. People who were previously under-valued now display high levels of self-confidence.

  • Engagement. Method Teaming unites teams and enables people to work together in a way that is not just more efficient, it makes them much better colleagues.

  • Method Teaming also improves retention, recruitment, culture and strengthens your company values. Ask us for more details or read our culture white paper.



Method Teaming® Sustainable Innovation gives you an innovation advantage that will keep you ahead of your industry. To get started click Contact Us on the right.



Innovation team creation, that works perfectly from day one, is now within the reach of every business.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has reinvented itself yet again. Appropriately it has used a hi-tech formula about people and talent, Method Teaming, to transform and revitalize its flagship Technology Services (TS) sales organization into an industry leading growth engine.” – HPE Case Study.


1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sees more powerful results from Method Teaming than any other sales program


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