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There is a severe lack of talent. It’s hard to find the right people and keep them. As a result many companies recruit the wrong people but there is a huge cost in doing this.

Method Teaming can help you identify the right people from a crowded field. By recruiting only people whose talents are a strong match for the role, these new recruits will perform efficiently and stay with you longer.

There Are Three Solutions


1. Full Precision Recruitment

Suitable for executives and top management roles, this program will:

  • Ensure the job can be performed by a real person.

  • Scan the Intellects of short-list candidates and identify one or two who have a strong talent match to the role.

  • Reveal how the executive’s team can best support him/her by performing tasks that are not part of their talent make-up.

The outcome will be a perfectly-executed recruitment process. It will ensure there are no ‘bad hire’ costs; there are no ‘knock-on’ attrition costs and top talent is retained throughout the team.


2. ‘Quick Start’ Job Description Validation

Job descriptions are often assembled to include a wish list of capabilities. These are unrealistic, misleading and off-putting. The job description is the start point for recruitment and so needs to be entirely reliable.

Method Teaming will provide a half-day process which will

  • deliver a truly valid job description

  • point to someone who can genuinely be found in the talent pool

  • be useful for reviewing objectives of existing employees already established in their careers

Once learned, this process can be used time and time again for other candidates.


3. Quick Start ‘Pick-Up Truck’ Recruitment

So titled because it gives you the bare bones of the recruitment process without the alloy wheels. This quick-start package gives you job description validation (as described above) together with the ability to recognise someone’s Intellect during interview and carry out a rough and ready talent assessment. This is capped off by creating a detailed profile for short-listed candidates.

Recruitment is critical. Old-fashioned hiring processes are costing you money. Make a start right now by getting in touch to make sure your next hire is a precision one.

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