When your teams are working to their full potential, something remarkable happens. Your entire organization begins to perform the way it always should have. Team boundaries disappear as the enterprise communicates and collaborates as one.

Teams are the basic building-block of any organization, large or small. Method Teaming is the technology that enables those blocks to work and slot together. You’ll see gains in efficiency, quality and speed.

When you have teams that work you have an enterprise that works.

Ian Mitton, Managing Director of OND Europe explains the power of Method Teaming.

The Impact of Engaged People

The key to building teams that work lies with employee engagement. According to surveys, only 30% of people are fully engaged in their work. Why are we not outraged by this?

By liberating people to do what they do best and aligning roles with their natural strengths and talents you achieve individual motivation beyond anything you will have seen. You’ll see your enterprise achieving so much more.


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The Power Station Within

Each of us possesses natural strengths and talents that are so formidable they can be likened to a personal power station. When these talents are aligned with our job, we:

  • perform at the peak of our ability

  • are fully engaged and look forward to our work

  • deliver quality and speed

It’s time to release the energy.


Engage everyone’s power station of talent >>

Connecting the Talents

When you mix the different talents in a team – its human power stations – so they are complementary and working perfectly together, you get:

  • Unparalleled speed and efficiency

  • High morale, engagement and retention

  • A team everyone wants to join

Every team can be a power station team: a team that works.


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Business Areas Impacted by Method Teaming

Every team, group and department can be radically improved by Method Teaming. We have customized solutions in five business areas to deliver:

  • Sales excellence

  • Precision recruitment

  • Mission-critical and operational performance

  • Executive and leadership transformation

  • Sustainable innovation

Choose from the list below.

Accelerate your sales team

Eliminate bad hires

Optimize mission-critical and operational teams
Transform executive and leadership teams
Enjoy Sustainable Innovation

“In Method Teaming, HPE has discovered a program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants. By bundling Method Teaming with hard core sales process training we have created a solution for the salesforce that gives us both immediate quantifiable sales lift as well as long-term sales process improvement.”

Marcel Keller

VP & General Manager, Technology Services Sales & Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“What we are really doing in HPE Americas right now is leveraging Method Teaming as the core element of our talent program. That is allowing us to ensure we have the right people in the right roles to drive new solution business sales as our primary engine of growth.”

Steve King

General Manager, HPE Americas

“Using Method Teaming we increased our productivity by 40% and went from a highly siloed, low trust, low value-perceived organization to #2 amongst telecom companies as ranked by Information Week. Method Teaming taught us how to use the natural talent of our people, respect one another’s Intellect and create powerful teams with a science and common language.”

Valerie Parrish-Porter

CIO, Embarq Corporation, (a major spin-off from Sprint and now acquired by CenturyLink)

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