Talented People Seek Out Talent-Aligned Teams

  • We believe that people should do what they do best and be highly motivated and fully engaged.
  • We believe that teams should be constructed so that everyone is in the right role for their talent.
  • And we believe that organizations are entitled to reap the huge productivity and innovation gains that result.

Our science and methodology, Method Teaming, can do something that has never been done before. It can accurately identify people’s natural talent – what they’re really good at – and build teams where everyone is engaged and at their most productive because they’re doing what they’re made for.

The talent revolution is the new business productivity wave that’s taking over from the process re-engineering and IT waves of the 90s and noughties. Talent is back in business!

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Ian Mitton, Managing Director of OND Europe explains the power of Method Teaming.

Talent-Aligned Teams Make Money

Revenue growth and higher profits are natural consequences of putting people in the right seats. We have the business case.

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Talent-Aligned Teams Save Money

When people and organizations are talent-aligned there is less wastage, inefficiency and cost. We’ll show you the business case.

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Talent-Aligned Teams Value Every Member

Your people are your greatest asset. They deserve to be given the type of work they were made for and want to do.

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Talent-Aligned Teams Innovate

Innovation is faster, less costly and guaranteed to work perfectly when you put the right mix of talents together.

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Do your numbers time after time, without the stress.

Invest precisely in talent using exact team and individual talent maps.

Staff engagement and retention ratings above 90%.

Fully engaged staff are also fully compliant.

Innovation teams that work right off.

“In Method Teaming, HPE has discovered a program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants. By bundling Method Teaming with hard core sales process training we have created a solution for the salesforce that gives us both immediate quantifiable sales lift as well as long-term sales process improvement.”

Marcel Keller

VP & General Manager, Technology Services Sales & Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

“What we are really doing in HPE Americas right now is leveraging Method Teaming as the core element of our talent program. That is allowing us to ensure we have the right people in the right roles to drive new solution business sales as our primary engine of growth.”

Steve King

General Manager, HPE Americas

“Using Method Teaming we increased our productivity by 40% and went from a highly siloed, low trust, low value-perceived organization to #2 amongst telecom companies as ranked by Information Week. Method Teaming taught us how to use the natural talent of our people, respect one another’s Intellect and create powerful teams with a science and common language.”

Valerie Parrish-Porter

CIO, Embarq Corporation, (a major spin-off from Sprint and now acquired by CenturyLink)

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