Method Teaming® Intellects

In Method Teaming there are four primary Intellects. Every person has natural strengths and talents. These combine to form an individual’s ‘Intellect’ and are the basis for the language of Method Teaming. The main features of the Intellects are described below.

The key to building great teams is to know the Intellects that are available to you and to match them to the roles you are filling. The key to operating great teams is to teach the team members how to utilize each other’s natural Intellect in order to maximize efficiency, quality and productivity.

At the same time, other team members know your Intellect. They understand how to get the most out of you. Method Teaming is a two-way street.

PD stands for Project Director. PDs are the engineers of the business world. They are logical, analytical and process-oriented. Of the four Intellects, they have the highest thirst for knowledge. Organized and disciplined, they hate to be wrong and love to finish what they start.

PDs thrive in a well-planned environment where there are no sudden changes to strategy. But they revel in complexity when it is combined with clarity. They love to solve problems. Having the right mix of PD talent on a major initiative is vital to success.

To summarize PDs: they like to get things done and to do them right.

Networkers think on the “who” dimension; they focus on people. The Networker quickly reads people and their needs, situations and cultures. They radiate empathy and build trust.

The Networker’s relationships with others are their single most valued asset. The Networker will put down deep roots in their organization and expect these to pay great dividends. For them, the network of relationships in a corporation is as easy to read as a picture-book.

Networkers are powerful influencers. They are the most active listeners of all the Intellects and have a radar for body language. They are often politically savvy; they will avoid ruffling feathers and are quick to jump in as peacemaker.

Networkers instinctively believe success can only be achieved through people.



EQ stands for External Qualifier. The EQ has a built-in radar for finding and qualifying the best opportunities for investing company resources. EQs like to persuade others to their point of view which is why they make the best sales people. They have high energy, are driven to succeed and are very competitive.

EQs are fast-moving and have a short attention span. They need very little detail to make decisions; the 80/20 rule was made for them.

EQs are often money-motivated and will take big risks if the rewards are large enough. They like to impress others and are socially and commercially fearless. EQs love to win and will harness their strong powers of communication to support their climb to the top.



Strategists think about what comes next. They have boundless creativity which is uncluttered by conventional thinking. Strategists thrive in ambiguity but are also good at finding flaws in other people’s strategies. They achieve gratification through acceptance of their ideas.

They excel at business chess and feel themselves unbounded by rules and protocols; they truly think outside the box. Strategists are always pushing the boundaries of the possible and arguing for a dramatically improved future.

A Strategist with business acumen can be immensely powerful in any commercial scenario. Put them into any business team and their creative thinking will obliterate the competition.



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