Leadership Team Development

5 Steps to a High Performing Leadership Team

Leadership Team Development
  • Corporate leadership teams are on average less than 50% efficient

  • Efficiency can be radically increased by recognizing talent, as distinct from skill

  • Not costly or time-consuming to reveal/recognize talent

  • Many personal/corporate benefits arise from respecting talent


Leadership teams in the US are generally about 35%-40% efficient, according to near-unanimous research from major consultancies. Why is the situation so bad?

We believe there are two fundamental reasons.

1. Most leadership teams are intellectually diverse. This is not a weakness. But it can only become a strength when a light is shone on the diversity and everyone knows exactly what it consists of.

2. Most leaders want to lead most of the time. Without a natural way to ‘pass’ leadership to the right person at the right moment, chaos will ensue.


The good news is that there is a huge potential upswing to be made when teamwork and collaboration improve. Even better is that if the leadership team can develop its capabilities, it sets a path for the rest of the organization to do the same.

Leadership team development is now on the agenda of a growing number of enterprises across the world. And it’s widely recognized that leadership qualities are closely tied with the natural strengths and talents of leaders, not their skills or career history. When leaders use their born-with talents during a large part of the working day, they excel at everything they do. But when those talents are shared with and made known to colleagues, they enable the team to pull together and collaborate on levels few had considered possible. That is our experience working with senior leadership teams over the last 28 years.

How is Leadership Team Development achieved?

It’s all about talent. Specifically, it’s about revealing the powerful talents within every individual leader and then showing each person both how they can use their own talents more of the time and how they can tap into their colleagues’ talents more of the time. When you do this you’ve begun to build a culture of smart collaboration.

It’s that simple.

That’s why leadership team development is neither as costly nor as time-consuming as it was even ten or twenty years ago. It’s also why leadership team development is more effective than it was ten years ago.

The 5 steps to Leadership Team Development

  • Discover the natural strengths and talents of all leadership team members using MT3D, our three dimensional integrated talent scan.

  • Share the knowledge of those strengths and talents around the team. The MT3D scan gives you knowledge that is not just interesting, it’s actionable.

  • Plot the strengths on the team map. Everyone can now see everyone’s strengths at-a-glance. There are always many positive surprises.

  • Begin smart collaboration and teamwork. People will naturally use the best talents around them to suit the task. They couldn’t do this before, now they can.

  • Hire new leadership talent with precision. You can ensure there are no ‘intellect gaps’ and the team has all the talents needed for its unique mission.

When the leadership team’s combined strengths are completely transparent to all and allowed to flow efficiently around the team to wherever they are needed, according to the opportunities and challenges presented at the time, then teamwork and collaboration improve and the team is on course to achieve very high efficiency and productivity levels.


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