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Fire On All Cylinders and Hit Target Regularly

  • It’s vital to engage talent, not just skills

  • Get sales people playing in the right position

  • Turn customers’ ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

  • 4 Stages to Sales Force Transformation


Do you feel you’ve tried every sales training program under the sun and, while you’ve achieved some short-term results, there is still something lacking? Do you feel you could get more out of your people somehow? That’s probably because you are not fully engaging people’s talent. You’re focusing instead on their skills. Let’s be clear about these. Talent is how we are hard wired, how we behave, what motivates us and how we think about things. Skills are learnt. You cannot graft on skills where there is no underlying talent. In our experience, there is no doubt that talent is much more important than skills.


So why are you not fundamentally looking at the talent within your sales team? Why aren’t you thoroughly checking that people are playing in the right position dictated by their natural strengths and talents? We have found that when dynamic companies ensure the right people are in the right role, astonishing business outcomes happen. Not only that, but if your sales people can also understand what makes their customers tick, sales can be speeded up and deal values maximized.


Get results fast

In as little as 90 days your sales team can be turned up to full power. Sales people will be better engaged and playing in the right position. They will understand customer needs faster and adapt their communication and selling style accordingly.

Our Method Teaming© By-Intellect Selling program to increase sales will do two things for your team: Firstly we will teach them how to turn a customer’s ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. This technique can be learned in a few hours and put into effect instantly. It’s all about understanding your customers’ unique natural talents, their Intellect, and what this means in the way they make buying decisions.

Secondly, we will map your people’s strengths and talents in a way you can easily read. You’ll see their abilities with crystal clarity. This will ensure you put them in the right roles, doing the work they were made for. For example identifying who are your best new business sales people and who are naturally the best account managers and future sales leaders. That way they’ll all increase sales and be more motivated. Your leadership will be more effective. You’ll all smash your targets.


Typical breakthrough results are:

  • Aggressively grow revenue and margin

  • Shorten sales cycles and maximize deal size

  • Forecast with certainty and strengthen the sales funnel


You’re less than 90 days away from full performance and seeing a significant increase in sales.


Here’s how it works!


Applying Method Teaming to sales opens your team’s eyes to the way your customers think and how they like to receive information and be sold to. The program will turn the ‘power station’ dial in your sales people’s heads to maximum and enable them to increase sales and over-achieve their targets month after month.

Here are the four steps to radically change team performance:


Stage One – Team Vision

A change journey like this needs rigorous planning. Your OND specialist will guide you through a planning process that sets vision and objectives around your project to increase sales. You’ll be challenged to look at the business case and agree appropriate outcomes and time frames as Method Teaming is applied.


Stage TwoTalent Analytics

We begin by carrying out a three-dimensional talent scan, the MT3D, of the team to analyze their natural strengths and identify gaps in their capabilities. We’ll work with you to ensure that everyone is in the right role for their talents. We’ll produce our unique ‘team talent map’ which shows the locations of everyone’s talent/Intellect in respect to the others. This map will tell you how well the team is built to cope with its challenges and objectives and how to optimize it to perfection. You’re already on your way to increase sales.


Stage Three – Power On program

The team will be tutored by an OND consultant in a series of on-line, real-time training modules and application exercises over a period of days or a few weeks. We empower the sales team on how to read individual customers and how to easily change their style of selling to really ‘reach’ those customers. They’ll be able to flick the switch in their customers’ minds from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ in a way they never could have learned by themselves – and certainly never from an ordinary sales training program.

Not only that but the team will understand each other in great detail. They will be able to optimize one another’s talents and internal communication; something we call Smart Collaboration. This drives efficiency, speed and quality.


Stage FourValue Realization

We re-inforce the teaching by working with sales people and their manager to apply Method Teaming to real-life sales situations over the weeks and months after Talent Analytics and the Power On program. We enable you to build a graphic action plan, shared by the team, that measures progress and value realization.  This will ensure you meet your goals such as increasing revenues, improving forecast accuracy and shortening sales cycles. We can also help the sales manager to plan future hires that will fill any ‘talent gaps’. This will ensure everyone is doing what they do best. You’ll see major improvements in your sales capabilities within a few weeks of implementing Method Teaming! 


Proven Results:


Companies from across the world, large and small have successfully used Method Teaming to increase sales. Take a look at our case studies.

The results they have achieved speak for themselves:


  • Annual sales increase of over 20% is commonplace with customers that use Method Teaming.

  • Immediate ‘day one’ impact on the sales funnel when your sales people are back in the field after Method Teaming training.

  • Margins increase because you are driving up the efficiency of your existing team. No additional costs other than extra commission to pay!

  • Customer satisfaction will increase. And happy customers buy more.

  • Your sales team will be highly motivated and fully engaged with their work. This will significantly improve retention of your best people. You’ll become the team where people aspire to work.


Transform your sales force now. Contact us and request the Sales Force Transformation pdf.


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