The Happiness Advantage

We need to reverse the usual formula if we want happiness at work (and improved productivity). Psychologist Shawn Achor, in his riveting (and extremely funny) Ted talk endorses everything OND has been saying since our foundation: the current way of building...

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Pastors and Talents

Pity the vicar, who only joined the church to share the gospel yet who now runs an enterprise as complicated as a small/medium-sized business.First there’s the spiritual stuff. Sermons to be written and delivered. Sick to be visited and empathised with....

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Saving the Leadership Team

Based on a real-life situation. Only the names have been changed.Jason was the classic sales director, sharply dressed, eternally upbeat and with a peculiar radar for where deals are to be found.  He also displayed another talent not always seen in those...

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Get Brainy About Recruitment

Iain McGilchrist: our brains like good teamwork.Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to challenge and change existing processes?"We can be better, faster, more accurate in our recruitment," you say.Only to be faced with a million counters - mostly...

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