100% team and employee engagement – that’s the goal when you use the breakthrough science of Method Teaming®


A regular US business team runs at about 40% productivity. Method Teaming can improve that figure significantly.


Full employee engagement is the new road to success. Top corporations are realizing they must get more out of the people they’ve got. Endless recruitment is not a solution in a world where talented staff are difficult to find, expensive to hire and costly to run. 100% engagement is the new target for CEOs across the globe. And it’s now achievable.

In organizations, the most important work is done in teams. Complex solutions cannot be delivered by individuals. Finding better ways for teams to work together (smart collaboration) has become the key differentiator that allows the No.1 and No.2 businesses in each industry to pull away from the rest. But smart collaboration can also allow previously under-performing businesses to catch up with the leaders. It’s the key to competitive advantage in the 21st century.

Now a new science has emerged that can accurately predict which individuals will combine together for maximum performance. This science, called Method Teaming, is based on research into intellectual diversity: the way in which people’s natural talents are understood and the way in which these talents are brought together in precisely the right mix for the team’s mission.

Method Teaming is being adopted by more and more high performing businesses for which it is creating more and more high performing teams. It’s the teaming science made by business for business.

What is Method Teaming?

Method Teaming creates highly productive, mission-perfect teams for the long term. It’s a unique and easily learned language and methodology. It was developed by business people for business people and it’s transforming the workplace. Method Teaming is boosting productivity and innovation across sales, HR, finance, operations, engineering, executive management and other teams.

Employee engagement and retention rises significantly in teams that have undergone Method Teaming training. It benefits not just organizations, but the people in them too.

Method Teaming is taught through a number of programs (online and offline) and consultancy delivered by OND. “In Method Teaming, HPE has discovered a program that not only works, instantly, but the field also wants,” states Marcel Keller, VP & General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

What is Intellectual Diversity?

It’s a way to combine people with different ‘Intellects’ who will reinforce each others strengths, cover off any gaps and allow the group to collectively produce more. We all channel our intellect in different ways. Yet our individual talents and strengths are poorly understood, developed and deployed by our education system and our employers.

Research into this crucial area has shown that when we properly understand the types of Intellect (not how intelligent you are but how your mind channels your intelligence) that all humans possess and when we learn how these Intellects prefer to connect with each other, we can put people together who will individually and collectively achieve excellence. This is the power of Intellectual Diversity.

What can Method Teaming deliver for my organization?

More confidence and more engagement in your work teams and more success in your organization. Your personnel were hired for their qualifications, knowledge and learned skills. Yet employees routinely report their frustration at being unable to make an impact in their work place.  This frustration is the product of not being able to use their natural talent to produce business value for the organization.

Method Teaming solves this problem. It provides the understanding, tools, process and language that enable employees to be, on average, twice as innovative and productive as before.

What business outcomes can I get from Method Teaming?

Method Teaming can raise the productivity of teams to 70% or more of their potential from the current US average of 40%. That’s nearly 100% more hard productivity for no extra cost. Think what that could mean for your top and bottom line.

Method Teaming is a breakthrough science that creates purpose-built, high performance teams. It’s easily learned and it produces teams comprised of employees who are fully engaged with their work. The power of Method Teaming can help you drive up revenue and margin with a relatively small investment. It can also help you better manage costs by doing more with less. It will start to do all this as soon as your team has finished Method Teaming training. But the effects of the new ‘smart collaboration’ will continue to grow as we work with you over the long-term to make Intellectual Diversity a part of your organization’s culture.

Who’s using Method Teaming?

Method Teaming is used by corporations, governments, public bodies and non-profits alike. A recent customer who has worked closely with us on a detailed case study is Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Read the HPE case study here.

Other recent clients include a number of Fortune 100 companies and well known medium-sized businesses around the world. Contact us for more details.

Where does Method Teaming originate?

Method Teaming was born in the business world to solve real business challenges. It was developed over a number of years by the founders of OND. Realizing its potential to dramatically transform the productive business outcomes of organizations and fulfil the natural desire of workers around the globe to really contribute to the organization, OND structured the science and methodology into programs that can be taught to any team. These solutions from OND delivered under the brand of Method Teaming, have been perfected and made robust with the help of Fortune 100 businesses since the company was launched in 2003.

How do I get started, how much time will it take and what will it cost?

The Method Teaming Leadership Program is normally the first step we take in working with a new client company. It can be delivered online, structured in 60-75 minute segments. Post-Covid it can once again be delivered offline. Pricing is per seat and is highly affordable.

Payback begins immediately as teams return to their workplace and apply Method Teaming to existing projects and challenges. To increase the results we work with you over the long-term on a customised program. The permanent nature of the increase in productivity which Method Teaming brings, means not only will your return on investment be distinctly impressive this year but Method Teaming will continue to deliver extra productivity year on year.

Method Teaming, from OND, is the science and methodology for corporate teaming in the 21st century. Contact us now to get started or click here to find out more about The Science of Method Teaming.

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