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Strengths Assessment Woman

A unique and proven solution to measure talent. Perfect for:

  • Next generation leaders; ideal for identifying young talent

  • Executives who are already successful but want to move to the next level

  • Managers who are ready for greater responsibility



The world isn’t flat and neither is talent. Talent is 3 dimensional: Cognitive, Behaviors, Motivators. Only a 3D talent scan that covers and integrates all these viewpoints can give a complete picture of you. Anything less is lightweight and misleading. The OND 3D talent scan is rooted in business, not academia. It is extremely accurate. But it is also actionable, meaning it will guide you on actions you can take that will make your career path run straight. It provides the bedrock for building high performing teams.



Talent vs Skill

Talent is how you are hard-wired. It’s how you behave, are motivated and think about things. Read our signature article on Talent vs Skill here.

By contrast, skills are learnt. They are not unique to you. They don’t speak about you.

Your natural talents are more important to your success than any skills or qualifications. No-one else has your set of talents. When you build your career around your talents, you are building your personal career path. It will lead you to the fulfilling, successful career that awaits you. That’s the power of talent.


The Strengths Assessment Service from OND will:

  • Maximize efficiency of key employees

  • Inspire and enable your people to achieve more by playing to their strengths

  • Identify and develop the next generation of leaders

  • Develop employee pride, confidence and motivation

  • Improve employee engagement and retention

  • Personalize and improve employee experience and job satisfaction

  • Build high-performing teams across your organization


Know yourself – Be known by others

The Strengths Assessment Service is a 12-month program that allows you to check-in and get a reminder of your talents so you can put them to work to benefit yourself and others. We begin by giving you our 3D Talent scan.  Remember, the world isn’t flat, and neither is talent. A person’s talent is 3D: cognition, motivations, and behaviors. The 3D Talent scan is complete and reveals the whole person. It will cast a light on your unique working talents and also show how you like to collaborate in a team: what you can offer others and what you need from them in turn. This is wrapped up into a support package for the individual. See the itemised schedule below.

This service is designed for people who want to unlock more of their enormous talent potential.

In order to become the best version of yourself you need to know your strengths and talents in depth. Then you need an occasional reminder so you can develop those strengths. The Strengths Assessment Service is a unique program that’s built around you. Initially we’ll know your strengths better than you do yourself. It will be our job to tutor you so you fully own those strengths and understand how they can prosper you and fulfil you.

The Strengths Assessment Service is unique in the market because it not only provides you with an accurate 3D strengths and talent review but also gives you a full 12 month support package and access to OND consultants to help with your development.


The package includes:

  • OND’s 3D Talent scan which gives better than 99% insight into ​your strengths and talents.

  • A one to one interactive debrief lasting 60 to 75 minutes with an OND certified consultant.

  • 12 months support. You will have access to an OND consultant to answer questions about your job role and give an overview of your 3D Talent profile.

  • An easy-to-read map and profile of your natural strengths and talents in both graphics and words.

  • A personalised graphic showing where you fit in any team.

  • A brief assessment of how your talent aligns with your job description and/or objectives.

  • Access to video training on OND’s Method Teaming context/basics and Intellects.

  • The Pocket Guide Smart Collaboration App for quick reference that also gives basic insight on the 4 Method Teaming Intellects; recognizing other people’s Intellects and communicating with them more efficiently.

  • A ‘Key’ which is a brief reference document that explains the world of strengths and talents.

  • Valuable OND Method Teaming blogs sent to your inbox.


Next Steps

1. Detailed Information. Contact Us and we’ll email you a PDF of the full Strengths Assessment Service.

2. Full Assessment. You may already have a strengths profile of some sort. But you sense there’s something missing and you feel your career would benefit from the complete picture offered by a 3D Talent scan. Why not set up a call to talk through the benefits of experiencing this full Strengths Assessment Service?





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