At OND, we are committed to the idea that every person deserves to have their natural strengths and talents used for a positive purpose. The best way to allow human beings to truly “fly” is to recognize and utilize their natural abilities, which are uniquely different in each and every person. However, what makes us unique is poorly understood, developed and embraced by our families, our education system and our employers. The broad array of natural strengths and talents seen in people we call Intellectual Diversity, which, when compared to other forms of human diversity such as age, gender or ethnicity, we believe is the most fundamental of all.

We have observed how difficult it is for people to progress through the education system and then on into the workplace without a clear understanding of their own natural strengths and how their talents can be best utilized. Furthermore, the education system, in the name of equality, goes out of its way to teach and prepare every child in exactly the same way, even though it understands that children learn differently, are motivated differently and have different ways of channelling their natural abilities and energy. Is it any wonder then that there are so many demotivated, disengaged, and frustrated people?

There is very little in life more beautiful than to see the affect on a person who is given work that aligns with their natural strengths and talents; work they approach with high motivation and accomplish with great passion. Conversely, there is very little sadder than the countless millions of people who never get to support themselves and society by utilizing their natural talents to produce something of value in their work.

Our broad mission is to create a revolution whereby people’s natural strengths and talents are accurately identified, deployed and properly utilized. We want to see dramatic changes in how we educate, recruit, train, engage and reward people. Our contribution to better Intellectual Diversity is Method Teaming.


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