Rapid Team Formation

Accelerating the way new or changing teams gel together.

Rapid Team Formation

Rapid Team Formation is a proven way to dramatically speed up how changing or newly created teams ‘pull together’. Through a simple process, the team will know exactly what makes each other tick and how to get the best out of each colleague. Any new members of the team benefit by being known and understood almost instantly by the existing team. The team, as a whole, benefits by learning how to best collaborate for maximum success by leveraging everyone’s natural strengths and talent. This is the essence of ‘smart collaboration’. In smart collaboration, the usual drag and overhead of the team trying to work each other out is eliminated. Instead, the team hits the road running and valuable time is saved.

Speed is essential

Change is happening faster than ever before. One of today’s biggest business issues is the ability to respond to fast-changing market conditions. That means being able to grow and change existing teams or create new, winning teams quickly. Companies that cannot do this are losing revenue and market share as their fleet-of-foot competitors take the high ground. Speeding up the on-boarding of new members and integrating them into teams is an essential to maintaining speed and agility right across the organization.

However, when bringing the right talent to bear at the right moment, companies are finding they do not have a language and methodology for teaming. This should be of no surprise, as most of the investment in the business world over the last four decades has been focused on improving processes and technology. Outside of skills training, there has been little thought of making the most of employee’s natural strengths and talents.

The good news is that the investment required to leverage these talents is minimal in comparison to the capital investments required in most business change programs. If leaders really believe that ‘people are our most important asset’, it only remains to make the decision to do things differently than before. Isn’t that what leadership is for? When investment in people happens and a new normal based on natural talent is created, every team throughout the organization can be a winning team – fast.  

Can your business keep up?

The biggest investments being made by businesses these days are in Capital Programs; programs that can be well in excess of 40% of a company’s expenditure. These programs require that companies adapt quickly so as to gain the largest and fastest returns on investment. To achieve this, teams need to have the ability to rapidly form and come together in a way where the team members are instantly engaged, motivated and, as a result, highly productive.

A unique solution called Method Teaming which focuses on ‘team first’, will help you do this and more. Method Teaming enables you to harness the natural strengths and talents of your people with utmost precision and with unrivalled speed.

What is Method Teaming?

Method Teaming was developed by business people for business people and provides an intuitive methodology that enables your organization to positively embrace rapid changes. This unique solution helps your people engage better in their roles and work closer together so as to quickly create powerful, winning teams.

Within Method Teaming, patterns of natural strengths and talents are called ‘Intellects’. A person’s Intellect refers to how they behave, what motivates them and how they channel their thinking. The power of Method Teaming lies in its ability to illuminate the Intellects of your people and then systematically combine them to maximize the performance of your changing or newly created teams.

Method Teaming can be channeled in a number of ways, one of which is Rapid Team Formation. By accurately understanding the team’s natural strengths and talents and integrating them, the leader and the team can immediately see the overall strengths of the team plus where there are gaps at an individual and team level. Then the team, as a whole, can start collaborating in a smarter way, immediately.

Optimizing your team, quickly!

Let’s paint a scenario that happens very frequently in business. This is where a team changes or a new one is formed around a project. Suddenly, a group of people are working together to achieve new results, quickly. While some of them may know each other, it is unlikely that the whole team has worked together in any depth before. In this situation it can take months even to come close to fully understanding each other’s strengths and talents and how these can be harnessed for the benefit of the team and the business. In all probability close collaboration will come either too late or never come at all. This may compromise the success of the project.

Method Teaming words by performing 3D Talent Scans for each of the team members. Armed with this detailed information, a dashboard of the team’s Intellects is constructed. By sharing this with each other, the team’s strengths are quickly identified and understood. This will dramatically condense the ‘getting to know you’ phase for the new team into a matter of a few hours rather than many months. Most importantly, the team will immediately know exactly how to harness each other’s natural strengths and talents as they put Smart Collaboration into practice.

Precision Recruitment

It is worth flagging another opportunity for the team leader to excel in building their team. It’s based on selecting people for the team based primarily on their natural strengths and talents and only secondarily on their skills. In today’s competitive environment, managers are under pressure to by-pass this essential but usually time-consuming part of the process. However, Method Teaming Precision Recruitment pares down this vital element to just a few hours.

Let’s first highlight 2 common mistakes often made during the recruiting process when creating teams:

1. Companies recruit based on experience and learnt skills. Yes, these are important but natural talents should be the primary recruitment considerations. When it comes to talent versus skills, talent is more important. Read our insight into this at https://methodteaming.com/talent-vs-skill-theres-a-clear-winner.

2. Recruiting someone because of their availability. So often, people are recruited into teams because they are ‘on the bench’ and available to ‘start tomorrow’. This produces negative results. It is a massive mistake to leave something of such importance as recruitment to chance.

Method Teaming will help you avoid both these recruitment pitfalls when changing or creating a team by focusing your efforts on ensuring the job description is right and realistic and then seeking out the right talent. For more information on Precision Recruitment go to https://methodteaming.com/precision-recruitment/

Benefits and business outcomes

There is no doubt that bringing people together to change a team or build one from scratch is sometimes daunting. This is especially true when the make-up of the team and the project outcomes could have a deep impact on corporate performance. Let’s face it, you probably do your most important work in teams, not as individuals. Method Teaming will enable you to pull the team together with great agility and have them firing on all cylinders immediately.

The business benefits of using Method Teaming for Rapid Team Formation include:

  • Meeting objectives and goals on or ahead of time.

  • Motivating the team by aligning their talents to the most appropriate task.

  • Ensuring the work output is of the highest quality from the start.

  • Outperforming competition.

  • Better cost management.


Method Teaming is uniquely positioned to help organizations achieve outstanding business results by ensuring they have fast, systematic and optimized ways to rapidly build winning teams.

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