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Hire the right people for the right role, every time.

Precision Recruitment is the way to attract and retain top talent

Precision Recruitment, part of the Method Teaming portfolio of solutions from OND, enables businesses to hire precisely the right person, every time. It gives you the control to ensure there is a realistic job description in the first place; one that includes a strict focus on people’s natural strengths and talents, together with their learnt skills and experience. Precision Recruitment then provides unique tools that help you target and recruit people against the correct criteria. The result will be the best possible fit of person for the role. The recruit will be highly engaged and motivated which directly impacts efficiency, quality and speed. Your attrition rates and associated costs of re-hiring will be reduced.

Become a Talent Magnet

As the global economy recovers, organizations must focus more than ever on recruiting exactly the right talent. But attracting and retaining millennials and younger people will continue to be a major issue for some businesses. This is limiting growth opportunities.

Many companies are struggling to hold onto their best people and recruit the leaders of tomorrow. Worse still, there is the huge cost of selecting the wrong people in the first place. Making bad hires is expensive for large corporations but often fatal for SMEs. Finding and retaining precisely the right talent should be a top priority and ‘Job One’ for your company. 

There is now an opportunity to make a break with the failed recruitment policies of the past. The application of a new branch of science is allowing enterprises to make faultless hiring choices every time. The science is based on the realization that people excel when given the work they do best. Whilst this should not come as a surprise, what people do best is often not the same as what is on their résumé.  By using their natural strengths and talents, people become highly engaged in their work which improves personal motivation and makes for better teamwork. This directly reduces attrition rates too. The result is that your business benefits from improved efficiency, higher quality output, speed and agility. On the other hand, new employees fit their roles perfectly. It’s truly a win-win situation and your company will soon become known as ‘the place to work’ and a true talent magnet.

A talent magnet is an organization that builds primarily with an eye to talent, not skills. Talent magnets develop the talent they have recruited and give it room to breathe and grow. They put the talent where it can do most good and be most productive. When you do this, you gain a reputation for knowing how to know and grow your people. Then you effortlessly draw in more of the talent you want. It’s easier and far less costly to recruit top people when your company is a talent magnet.

Millennials and aspiring leaders

You don’t have to be a Fortune 100 or FTSE 100 company to attract and retain top talent. Your company can become a talent magnet and attract demanding but hard-working millennial and Gen Z recruits. These two groups now comprise more than 50% of the workforce. They insist that employers take the time to understand their natural, born-with talents and put them to work. More than any other generation before them, they are adamant that they want to give everything they’ve got and leave none of their natural abilities untapped.

What’s the solution?

Clearly, a methodology is needed, preferably science-based, that helps you target the right talent, rationalize job descriptions, orchestrate purpose-built interviews and make accurate hiring decisions. But you will also need a new vocabulary which will allow you to discuss all these things. Fortunately, a solution exists; a proven one. It’s called Method Teaming.

We find the highest performing teams are those in which each individual team member’s natural talents and strengths are aligned with the work they perform. In other words, they are doing the work they naturally do best. The power of Method Teaming lies in its ability to illuminate these natural abilities and systematically assemble the right combination of talents and strengths into a team for a given mission or goal. 

When directed towards the hiring process, Method Teaming gives you the ability to pinpoint the exact talent needed and ensures that precisely the right person is found and recruited to fill a specific role.

Personal fulfilment and company performance are inextricably tied together.  Both are maximized when people can leverage their natural talents in the work they do every day.

Battling recruitment issues

OND has had many years of experience helping companies through the recruitment minefield. We observe that it is often only too easy to be subjective about hiring people and not rely on any rigorous science and methodology to guide selection. This is especially the case when trying to identify a candidate’s natural talents and strengths. While finding a candidate with the right skills base and experience is important, in most cases there is no clear delineation between skills and talent. When recruiting, it is important to understand and remember that skills can be learned but natural talent cannot!

We too often see that job descriptions call for every human strength and talent to be included. They ask for certain combinations of talent that, quite frankly, cannot be found in any one person.  As a result, these errant job descriptions add little value to and even confuse the recruitment process. Not only that but there is usually no clear “targeting” of the type of natural talent required for a position. Interview questions are lame, unfocused and will not reveal a person’s true talent.

As a result, it often comes down to subjective gut instincts, rather than precision, when selecting employees who can actually do the job. Bad hires and their horrific legacies are commonplace. By applying Method Teaming, these can be eliminated.

5 steps to Precision Recruitment

There are the five simple steps you can take, using Method Teaming, to eliminate recruitment issues and drive accuracy and precision into your hiring process:

1. Job Descriptions: Rationalize the job description so it is an accurate and realistic reflection of the talent required for a specific position. It’s too easy to write a job description that only superman or superwoman can do. Then you find either that you are unable to recruit anyone (because no-one can do everything you want) or else hiring someone who has ‘stretched’ their résumé beyond recognition. Method Teaming helps you write the job description based around real people that are available in the talent pool.

2. Top Talent: Identify the top seven prioritized talents for a role or position using a specialized Method Teaming process. Some talents are absolutely essential for the role you’re recruiting. Others are nice-to-have. But which are which? Method Teaming has a proven process for helping you ensure you get what you need. It’s called ‘Force 7’ and it’s been used by scores of different companies across many industries.

3. Target Profile: Produce an accurate target profile that specifies the sort of behaviors, motivators and cognitive thinking required of the correct candidates. If you don’t know what you are looking for, how do you know when you’ve found it?

4. Interview Questions: Use a focused interview template which contains questions designed to screen whether or not a candidate is a probable good match. We’ll help you design this template using Method Teaming rules. It will help you screen candidates and identify which ones are a good fit for the role and likely to stay with you for the long term.

5. Candidate Shortlist: At the end of the process, run a 3D Talent Scan for the shortlisted candidates to ensure they are an exact fit for the role. This will help you not only select the best candidate for the role but also help you manage them and keep them motivated and engaged in their work throughout their career.

The recruiting organization must still determine if the candidate has the right learned skills and experience to fulfil the position but Method Teaming ensures that the candidate is an exact fit for their natural strengths and talents.

The bottom line, when recruiting is to remember that talent is more important than either skills, which can be taught, or experience, which can only be gained with time. Talent cannot be taught but it can be accurately selected.

Recruit the right talent

As an organization using Method Teaming for Precision Recruitment, you will know, with certainty, that you have the right talent on-hand to do the right task at the right time. The business results from making the right hire include soaring productivity, better innovation, employees fully engaged and motivated, lower attrition rates and a dominant market presence. Trying to address the huge challenges of the modern business world with the wrong team that was poorly selected is just too difficult!

The secret of having engaged, motivated and highly productive employees lies with fully understanding each person’s unique talent and then utilizing it to create value for your organization.

It really is very simple. A person must be recruited exactly for their talent; nothing more and nothing less.

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