Precision Recruitment

Precision Recruitment is the way to attract and retain top talent

Recruitment strategies that will make you one of the best companies to work for



  • Become a talent magnet by respecting natural, born-with talent

  • Get actionable data, very quickly, on which to make accurate recruitment decisions

  • The 3D integrated talent scan has long-term value

  • 5 key steps to precision recruitment


Talent magnet. You don’t have to be a Fortune 100 or FTSE 100 company to attract and retain top talent. Your company can become a talent magnet and attract demanding but hard-working millennial and Gen Z recruits. These two groups now comprise more than 50% of the workforce. They insist that employers take the time to understand their natural, born-with talents and put them to work. More than any other generation before them, they are adamant that they want to give everything they’ve got and leave none of their natural abilities untapped.

The whole person. Knowing millennial talent and putting it to work is easy when you use Method Teaming, the only three-dimensional, integrated talent scan available today. It’s three dimensional because it scans the three talent streams in everyone’s brain: cognitive, motivator and behavior and then integrates them together to give a unified view of the ‘whole person’.

Long-term value. The Method Teaming 3D talent scan is perfect for use in the business world because it gives actionable information. This means it can be used by hiring managers and HR functions to identify suitable candidates and then to fit them perfectly into their new team. It’s accurate for life meaning it can be used again and again to inform internal job and team changes.


These are the 5 key steps in precision recruitment. Method Teaming is the only tool you need for all of them. 

1. Job descriptions. Rationalize the job description so it is an accurate and realistic reflection of the talent required for a specific position. It’s too easy to write a JD that only superman or superwoman can do. Then you find either that you are unable to recruit anyone (because no-one can do everything you want) or else hiring someone who has ‘stretched’ their résumé beyond recognition. Method Teaming helps you write the JD based around real people that are available in the talent pool.

2. Top talent. Identify the top seven prioritized talents for a role or position using specialized ‘Force 7’ Method Teaming process. Some talents are absolutely essential for the role you’re recruiting. Others are nice-to-have. But which are which? Method Teaming has a proven process for helping you ensure you get what you need. It’s called Force 7 and it’s been used by scores of different companies across many industries.

3. Target profile. Produce an accurate target profile that specifies the behaviors, motivators and cognitive thinking required of the correct candidates. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how do you know you’ve found it?

4. Interview questions. Use a focused interview template which contains questions designed to screen whether or not a candidate is a probable good match. We’ll help you design this template using Method Teaming rules. It will help you screen candidates and quickly identify which ones are a good fit for the role and likely to stay with you for the long term.

5. Candidate shortlist. Create a Method Teaming Intellect Profile (MTIP) for the shortlisted candidates to ensure they are an exact fit for the role. This will help you not only select the best candidate but also help you manage them and keep them motivated throughout their career.


Make your organization a talent magnet.

It’s easier and far less costly to recruit top people when your company is a talent magnet. A talent magnet is an organization that builds primarily with an eye to talent, not skills. Talent magnets develop the talent they have recruited and give it room to breathe and grow. They put the talent where it can do most good and be most productive. When you do this, you gain a reputation for knowing how to know and grow your people. Then you effortlessly draw in more of the talent you want. This is what Method Teaming is in business to help you do.

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