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Get innovation on tap when you select people by their talent. Gain 8 great advantages.

Sustainable innovation

84% of executives consider their future success to be very or extremely dependent on innovation – McKinsey.

6% of executives are satisfied with their innovation performance – McKinsey.

95% of all product innovations fail – Professor Clayton Christensen, HBS.



Innovation is challenging, without a doubt. The vast majority of innovation projects fail, not on the process, technology or strategy dimensions, but on the people dimension. That’s because innovation teams are often put together based on people’s skills, not their natural talents. Method Teaming can ensure you don’t make any mistakes on the people dimension. It will help you identify the right people and bring them in to the process at exactly the right time. It will also ensure that they know why they’re there, what is required of them and how they can contribute to the team.


Here are 8 advantages when you select your innovation team by their talent and manage them through the project using Method Teaming© On-Demand Innovation:


1. Assured flow of on-demand creativity and ideas

To kickstart the innovation process, Method Teaming will discover the natural strategists among you who can deliver the necessary ideation. Natural strategists are 8% of the population but they often ‘hide out’ in other roles. You probably have one or two in your office right now. You just don’t know who they are and, very often, neither do they. Natural strategists deliver ‘on-demand creativity’ through pattern recognition. They can see patterns that the rest of us don’t. This allows them to put apparently unrelated items together to create openings that others miss.

2. Smaller and more effective innovation teams

You only need the right people, not the whole bus. We’ll help you identify the people who can make the difference so the rest can get back to work. The strength of the team is in its talent make-up, which we also call its ‘intellectual diversity’. It’s not about numbers, it’s about getting people who can cover all the necessary bases, but who also know each other’s talent in a way that allows them to ‘pull together’, something we call smart collaboration.

3. Understanding how to change the innovation team

You don’t need all of the team all of the time. There are distinct phases as the innovation process moves forward. This is when ‘smart collaboration’ really helps because there are different people contributing to the team all the time and they need to be able to join in and collaborate as if they had worked with the rest of the team for years. There is no overhead or loss of speed when you build your team by talent.

4. Superior deployment of creative talent

You may have more than one creative. We’ll show them the nuances in what they have to contribute. There are creatives/strategists who lean towards Sales, or who lean towards Engineering or who lean towards the People dimension. We’ll help you choose the right ones for each project and help them get the best out of each other.

5. Smoother transition from ideation to engineering

The ideation and engineering worlds are entirely different. It’s easy for great ideas to be lost in translation in the innovation process. We’ll help you find the ‘bridge’ between the two who has a foot in both camps. This person will ensure that the engineering/programming team are on board with the innovation and excited to build it.

6. Early and effective socialization of innovation

The rest of the organization has to buy in to the innovation. Otherwise it will flounder for lack of acceptance. We can help you identify the ‘networkers’ who will socialize and win support for the process. Networkers are about 20% of the population. But mostly they don’t know who they are or the importance of their particular abilities. We’ll help you identify them and show you how to mobilize them.

7. Market-centric, saleable innovation.

Every innovation has customers, either internal or external. If they’re external we’ll help ensure that the innovation process delivers something that has a market and customers ready to buy. We’ll do this by identifying and bringing into the process the right talents who know what the market needs. If internal, we’ll help you ensure that the innovation is well socialized, properly positioned and is welcomed, not rejected, when you launch it to users.

8. Driving innovation from “if and when” to “what and how”

Get immediate clarity on your vital innovation. Make it happen now knowing it will work out of the box. Method Teaming will bring the right minds together and focus them using our methodology which uniquely brings about smart collaboration.


Before you begin any innovation project, ask us how Method Teaming can help you build the right team.

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