What’s the problem with a free or cheap psychometric?

The importance of a career-enhancing, 3D integrated intellect scan is paramount.

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It’s vital to get the whole picture. Popular psychology tools such as behavioral psychometrics give only a partial picture and can be highly misleading and dangerous for your career. Only a fully-integrated 3D Intellect scan provides a comprehensive picture of your capabilities and helps you and your boss take smart decisions about your future. Now read on…


The brain is a complicated instrument. There is so much going on in there and we still don’t know the half of it.

In fact it’s said that we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the floor of the ocean and we know more about the floor of the ocean than we do about the workings of the brain.

Yet we’re all desperately keen to know more about who we are. We want to tap into the well-spring of strengths we know are inside us and to find a role where those strengths will be highly valued by others and can be the basis of our prosperity.

Right now there are many new tools that claim to be able to tell us something about ourselves. Some of these are free. But here’s why you should avoid all of them. It’s because none of them will give you a complete picture of you and a partial picture is often more dangerous than no picture at all.

Let me make an analogy. Suppose I offer to give you a free car. It has alloy wheels and a rakish profile. But it’s got no brakes and it’s got no steering wheel. It’s incomplete. Are you going to be able to use it?

Obviously not, you’d be dead as soon as you hit the first corner.

That’s what will happen to your career if you move ahead on incomplete information. You or your boss could easily make the wrong decisions and send all of your ambitions and prospects straight into a wall.

By contrast, OND’s Strengths Assessment Service includes a 3-Dimensional integrated Intellect scan that polls all of the key activity areas in your brain and pulls all of the information together into one place. It gives you the big picture as well as the micro, detailed picture. Nothing is left out. It shows you where you will excel compared to others and where you can make an unmissable contribution within a team. And since your Intellect (the combination of all your talents and strengths) doesn’t change, you can use the scan to make correct decisions about your career for the rest of your life.

Now, exactly how much is your future career (and your personal happiness) worth to you?

Get in touch to find out how the Strengths Assessment Service can benefit you and the people who work for you.

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