Method Teaming Instrument Array

Important Definitions for Phrases in the first Assessment you will take

Please read the following definitions for specific phrases that you will encounter during the first Method Teaming Instrument Array (Value Inventories). A proper understanding of these specific phrases is necessary in order to successfully complete the assessment.

Value Inventory Part 1 definitions

Phrase Meaning
A fine A sum of money that must be paid to officials when a wrongful act is committed
A short circuit A faulty electrical circuit
By this ring I thee wed Marriage, a wedding
A rubbish heap Waste material in a mound or a pile
Burn a heretic at the stake A person killed by burning to death for their religious beliefs

Value Inventory Part 2 definitions

Phrase Meaning
The universe is a remarkably harmonious system The universe forms a consistent system worthy of attention

Once you have read through these phrases and understand the meaning of each phrase, please proceed to the first Method Teaming assessment by following the link provided below. If you have any questions on the meaning of these, or other phrases you encounter, please contact Scott McNinch at

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