World-Class Recruitment Begins With The Team.

Ciaran Nagle, Global Marketing Manager, describes three benefits arising from a
Method Teaming recruitment program.       Length: 1 min 16 secs.

Recruitment is the single most important process in any business. Method Teaming allows you to recruit individuals and build teams that you know in advance will work at over 90% of potential. Recruitment using Method Teaming gives you:

  • Talent acquisition that is 99.7% accurate
  • Employee engagement levels double the US average
  • On-going talent management of teams that work perfectly, always

Recruitment with Method Teaming is the beginning of a human capital management process that will see job satisfaction and productivity levels soar.

“Method Teaming provided a valuable and powerful insight to ensure the right people were ‘on the bus’ and even had the ‘CORRECT seats on the bus’ for the success of the organization but as important for their individual success and happiness in their careers.”

Bret Perkins, Director, Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Traditional recruitment processes have disappointed employees and employers alike. Method Teaming can end the disappointment.


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