The Brain Power of Method Teaming

Method Teaming (MT) provides the only fully comprehensive 360˚ mind scan in the world today. It works by interrogating the brain’s three principal functional areas beginning with the relatively recent neo-cortex through the older limbic brain to the ancient reptilian brain. Within these 3 entirely different but connected brain zones, MT measures the cognitive, motivator and behavior traits that combine to form the unique attributes that drive every person.

The measurements of these traits are then laid out in charts and used for further analysis by a skilled practitioner. Although these traits are a scientific phenomenon and as real as neurons and glia, they are better expressed in more accessible language as our natural strengths and talents. Natural strengths and talents are not a measure of our intelligence. Instead they can be viewed as the way that our minds channel our intelligence. Natural strengths and talents trigger our energy and inform our sense of purpose. They are extremely potent when employed in our work but can destroy our motivation when they are neglected.

MT then goes on to provide a perfect triangularisation of the individual by using a mathematical formula to pull together our mind traits and map the point where each individual places on the MT talent icon. In this way we can see both who the person is in exceedingly intricate detail as well as how and where they fit within a team working environment. No other methodology or science can do this.


The Power Station within

Every person’s brain/mind pairing, the amazing hardware and software combination which together comprises our individual uniqueness, can be likened to a personal power station.

When our particular strengths and talents are fully employed in the course of our work we can say that our power station is both plugged in and switched on. We are connected to our work and the current is flowing.

If we are employed on work that does not tap our natural strengths and talents however, then it is like connecting a DC appliance to an AC power source. It just won’t work. In human terms the result will be stress, disengagement and disappointing performance.

The importance of aligning our natural strengths and talents to our job role cannot be overstated. It is fundamental to whether we make a real difference in the course of our working career or do merely enough to collect a salary check.


The Brain Power Grid

When our ‘power station within’ is switched on and connected to our work, we will perform extremely well. Our speed and work quality will be in the upper decile (top 10%).

But that’s only the beginning of the story.

Ultimately our performance at work depends greatly on how we connect with those around us. Do we truly understand others’ natural strengths and talents? Do they understand ours? Are we both enabled to engage those talents to bring out the best in each other? What about the extended team? And what about others that we deal with in other parts of the enterprise?

If our own strengths and talents are allowed to dovetail with those of our work colleagues, the stage is set for the perfect workplace.

Not only will everyone be doing the work that they were naturally made for – the work that they crave to do – but our knowledge of the deep-seated talents in everyone around us gives us a confidence and ability to execute that would otherwise be impossible to find. Our effectiveness is multiplied.

We can more easily allow for colleagues’ limitations and are more likely to approach the right people to help us on any task. They in turn will only approach us in areas where we genuinely excel and like to be involved. All of this brings not only an upturn in efficiency and a rise in job satisfaction but also, to use an unscientific term, happiness.


MT delivers communication and collaboration as perfect as a human cell

To continue the biology theme, when MT has unleashed the power of everyone’s brain and enabled communication and collaboration to a degree never seen before, the enterprise begins to perform with the connectedness and always-on dynamism of the human cell.


The human cell comprises thousands of parts, many of them very different. Yet they all manage to communicate perfectly in order to seize opportunities and defend from attack whilst doing their regular day-job with extraordinary precision.

Every part understands the role and abilities of the other parts.

They all co-ordinate efforts with perfect understanding and merge their abilities seamlessly to deliver a syncopated display of ingenuity and competitiveness that still amazes all those who observe it. Now imagine that instead of the perfect cell we are describing how to build the perfect business team and you have the power of Method Teaming.

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