A $40m healthcare business was in poor shape after hiring two non-performing CEOs within the space of 5 years. By the time the second CEO departed, other key managers had left the company and more were threatening to leave. The company’s reputation for superior customer service was falling to pieces and clients were becoming impatient.


The company’s Executive Steering Committee (ESC) was determined not to make a third mistake. They decided to use Method Teaming to help them select their next CEO.

OND, the company behind Method Teaming, immediately reviewed the business plan and CEO talent wish list. In addition, OND compiled the natural strengths and talents, or Intellects, of the ESC members and the business leaders they wished to retain. Next OND helped re-write the CEO’s job description and talent wish list to align with the business plan and the customer service business culture. The job description and wish list were now more realistic and reflected the combination of strengths and talents that can actually be found in one person.

OND developed a Method Teaming Target Profile (MTTP); a hiring “target range” and predicted the percentage of business leadership that would match that target.

A search firm provided a pool of candidates. OND identified which candidate best matched the target profile. And for those who were close, OND clearly and precisely determined the cost/benefit represented by each candidate, predicting the impact on the company culture and ability to execute the business plan. In addition, for each high ranking candidate, OND described the Intellect for the COO needed to fill gaps and complement the CEO; the COO being the next key hire.


Today, the ESC is extremely satisfied with the CEO they selected. They were able to retain their ‘A’ players, preserving and re-energizing decades of institutional knowledge and business momentum.

The business also:

  • Used Method Teaming to select a COO whose natural talent fully complements the CEO.
  • Recently used Method Teaming to select an individual to manage their largest client relationship. The relationship improved immediately and is once again growing.
  • Uses Method Teaming to identify and develop management throughout the business.
  • Is once again able to leverage its competitive advantage.
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