I sat next to a HR consultant at a wedding reception last week, a charming, intelligent man in his 60s. I learnt about his challenges in dealing with CEOs and the tendencies of some of them to sack people for unforgivable errors, like sitting the wrong way at their desk. I smiled as he told me lots of David and Goliath stories, he standing up for the little man against the summary justice of tyrants in suits.

Then I told him about the people technology, Method Teaming, that corporations can’t get enough of and which was changing the way organizations are built. I thought it might help him.

‘It builds teams that work,’ I said finally, giving him my most beatific smile over my end-it-all punchline.

‘But,’ he spluttered over his paté and melba toast, refusing to be won over too easily, ‘that sounds like it will only benefit the corporation, not the individual.’

I thought I had covered that point, then realized I had only mentioned a couple of items.

So here, for HR consultants and CEOs everywhere, I have set out 10 main reasons why building teams that work meets the needs both of the business and the people who work in it.

The Enterprise

Greater productivity (more from the same team)

Realise more of each person’s potential (engagement)

Greater efficiency, business change projects will be more successful

Higher quality of work

More revenue and profit per head

Higher share price

Less cost to employ people

Greater retention (hold intellectual capital longer)

Better recruitment (right person to right place in right team, always)

Improved culture

The Individual

Will love her work more than before (more engaged)

Greater sense of doing what he was made for

Less desire to move jobs

Greater sense of fulfilment

Better working relationships with others

Better relationships at home

Will be more successful at work because doing what she likes

Able to ‘make a difference’ at work, maybe for the first time

Less stress, more excitement

Anticipates success, not failure

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