So you want to attract and retain top talent. But are you destined to fail because of a basic error: you mistake talents for skills?

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page: talents are natural abilities we were all born with. They are the purest form of us and they give us our sense of purpose. We perform out of our skins when our talents are put to use. But we are directionless and clock-watching when they are not.

Skills are superficial add-ons that we have acquired. They don’t come anywhere near our ‘soul’, not even close. If we use all our skills we may still be miserable and looking for another job.

If you’re trying to attract top talent, but really scanning CVs for skills, you’ll never retain anyone. Your company will always fail to build employee loyalty and you’ll never know why.

Nor will one or two psychometrics help you. These things are fun and they give a superficial sense of adding science. But they’re cheap and there’s a reason why: they don’t work.

If you want to break out of the ‘40% club’, the huge number of enterprises that perform at 40% of potential, you need to make a simple change: Understand talent. Then you’ll easily attract and retain top people and you’ll be the envy of your industry.

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