Let’s start with a précis of the difference between talents and skills. Skills is all that stuff that you learn how to do. You can learn how to be a doctor, for instance, or an engineer or a catwalk model.

But talents operate in completely different areas. You can’t have a talent to be a doctor or engineer or model (unless you’re born with a pout).

But you can have a talent for seeing solutions to problems. Or for building strong networks of relationships. Or for planning the way ahead. These abilities don’t depend on intelligence. They are how our mind channels our intelligence.

Which brings me to hover.

When we have a talent for something, our brains like to hover over that thing. They roost on it. They sleep with it, quite literally. Our brains dwell on the things they like, pulling them apart and looking at them from different angles and putting them back together again. They look for ways to do it better. You could say that when we have a talent for something, that’s where our brains find rest. They cuddle up and spend a long time with that thing, really getting to know it. They hover on it like a mother around her young.

The thing about hovering is, you can’t fake it. If you’re doing a job that you’ve trained for, but which is not aligned with your natural talent, your brain won’t hover over it. It might worry about it, but that’s a different thing. Worry is destructive. Hovering is constructive. Nothing good comes out of worry.

If you had a company where everyone was doing a job that their brains naturally hovered over, you would have a company that everyone would want to join and no-one would leave. It would be in a league of its own. Everybody would get on. Unfortunately it’s never happened before.

But it could happen.

The technology exists to make it happen. Here’s a few good things that go with a company where everyone’s brains are hovering over their work.

People are happier than ever.

People know each other’s talents intimately, even after minutes.

People play to each other’s talents.

Work is done faster, better and with fewer errors.

Quality improves.

Company culture is the envy of its peers.

HR is only for hiring, not firing.

Now, do you want to be a company that hovers?


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