Imagine if you knew how your customer thinks. And you could speak to him or her in their language. How much more successful could you be?

This is the proven promise held out by ‘By-Intellect Selling’ a science-based methodology that lets you see inside your client’s head.

‘By-Intellect Selling’ is the most successful program within the Method Teaming family of solutions from OND. ‘By-Intellect Selling’ puts the salesman back in charge of the deal, knowing exactly how to motivate customers to buy. In a roomful of customers, you can speak to each of them in the way that will win them to your proposal.

‘By-Intellect Selling’ is proven. It’s been held a close secret by a small number of US businesses up till now. But in 2015 it is being launched to the world.

To find out more see https://methodteaming.com/solutions/sales-engine or email i@methodteaming.com.

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