All your employees trust their boss, don’t they?

Not so, according to Gallup. In fact, lack of trust in their manager is the single biggest issue causing workers to leave or think of leaving an employer. That makes it more important than salary or conditions.

But there’s a huge step you can take towards improving trust. And you don’t have to change people’s personality or character to do it.

It’s all about who you know. Or, more particularly, how well you know them.

If you can see through your boss’s surface veneer and perceive the individual underneath in their wonderful 3D detail, you would understand ‘where they’re coming from’. You’d know why they approach problems the way they do, what they are motivated to achieve and a lot more. When that happens, you can trust them completely because everything they do suddenly makes sense.

Likewise, they will trust you if they know you the same way.

Increasing trust is a huge part of the outcome of a Method Teaming program.

Let’s remove the confusion and mystery from working relationships. Build trust based on a fuller understanding of each other. And get it done in weeks, not years.

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