The Game With A Serious Purpose

This kinaesthetic approach to team self-discovery and efficiency improvement has proved itself again, this time in the UK.

The Method Teaming Game is a hands-on encounter around a table where team members learn more about themselves and their team-mates and find self-revelatory ways to make step-change improvements in their team performance. It’s been used several times in the US.

It’s also a fun get-together that nourishes the social foundations so important to good team-working.

In this running of the game, we engaged with a work team which operates in a behaviour change sector. The outcomes included:

  • Revelation of a key area for growth that had previously been overlooked. The team leader now knows exactly what to do and which team members to call upon to make the expansion.

  • Discovery that two team members were working way out of position for their talents and unknowingly contributing to under-performance in key areas. This can now be addressed in a manner which will greatly improve engagement as well as productivity.

  • Surfacing of a team member’s previously unspoken ambition which, if left unattended, would certainly have ended with the loss of a highly talented individual.

  • The team leader is now furnished with both metrics and data on which to make important course corrections to the team’s successful trajectory.

If your team is already working at optimal efficiency, no need to call. But if there is scope for your team to become a team that really works, for the members to know each other better and to improve efficiency and speed, Method Teaming can help.

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