Iain McGilchrist: our brains like good teamwork.

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to challenge and change existing processes?

“We can be better, faster, more accurate in our recruitment,” you say.

Only to be faced with a million counters – mostly from HR – about why it won’t work. None of them are right, of course. It’s just that people don’t want to change. They don’t want to have to use their brain. Because that hurts. It’s far easier to sink into the old processes, the old failed routines. The ones that don’t require thinking about.

But when better ways of doing things come along, there’s always the 8% who will listen. These are the pathfinders, the pioneers, the lamplighters. They are the people who will reap the benefit from first mover advantage and make their enterprises immeasurably more attractive and competitive.

So to the 8% out there, there is a better way to do recruitment. It’s better, faster, more accurate. It will get your work teams and business units going at full power, every individual in the right role, everyone contributing all they can and loving it, outsiders queuing up to be part of it, a revitalised culture shining out of it.

All it requires is to discard the old routines and use your brain. Are you up for it?

Method Teaming. Intelligent people love to work in teams that work.


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