You may not have recognized it but there may be signs that you have stopped challenging yourself and reached a plateau. Maybe you’ve reached a level of conscious competence and you are unconsciously coasting. There may be some indicators that you have reached this situation such as…


  • You think everything is “running smoothly”
  • You always feel you have the answers
  • You know how a meeting will end
  • You give only positive feedback
  • You’ve become a mentor but are not being mentored
  • You are busy but somehow feel bored or stale


If you are honest, perhaps you can recognize some of these traits! The answer might be to look at yourself more holistically; aim to recognize your hidden strengths and talents.


You can do this very successfully by using some of the new 360 degree assessment solutions on the market, such as Method Teaming. But if you then apply these same techniques to your team to recognize each other’s natural strengths and talents, astonishing things will happen. You will feel highly engaged and motivated and so will your team. Collaboration and quality of work will improve and very quickly you will see productivity start to climb.


So, are you feeling bored? Then step into something new and take your team there with you. Take a journey of discovery and find out about your own hidden depths. It’s time to start climbing again – but this time it’ll be more fun.

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