Dave is an extravert. Angela is an introvert. The company tells them, ‘We’re going to shut down much of our desk space at Head Office and encourage everyone to work from home when they can. This will save money on desks, IT, office rent etc. It will be great for everyone.’

But 3 months later, Dave is miserable and thinking of leaving. Angela is content, but no better off than before. Net result: disaster.

This is because, as Method Teaming science informs us, introverts charge their batteries alone. Whilst they can carry off a 2 hour meeting in the company of others, it leaves them jaded and desperate for alone time.

However, extraverts charge their batteries in the presence of others. Their brains are hard wired for face to face contact. Virtual meetings don’t cut it. They need flesh. They wither on the wire.

Companies need to think very hard about a blanket decision about working from home. They must give people options, but do it in the light of understanding whether they’re introvert or extravert and guiding the extraverts towards being office based.

If they don’t, they will split the workforce in two. The Daves will be Leavers and the Angelas will be Remainers. Now why does this make me think of Britain?


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