True story. Becky and Sandra worked together in a busy finance team. Their chairs are back to back and they work on related stuff so they need to communicate. But they didn’t get on.

Becky was always turning around saying, ‘Sandra, I need to talk to you about X, Y and Z.’ She didn’t like it that Sandra gave a big sigh and took long seconds to respond.

Meanwhile Sandra was irked at the constant interruptions. She knew that they needed to exchange information. It was just never the right time.

They were equally disgruntled with each other.

Then their boss introduced Method Teaming which quickly revealed the cause of the friction and pointed the way to the solution. Becky was a natural multi-tasker who could jump her thoughts in and out of many different client accounts in moments. But Sandra was a single-tasking ‘I’ll concentrate on one thing until I finish it’ type. She needed to be left alone to complete her work.

When they read their own and each other’s Method Teaming intellect scans the scales fell from their eyes. They realised neither of them was being awkward or antagonistic. Neither was trying to annoy the other. They were just working in the way their natural talent directed them. They were different. It was simple as that.

Now they have a solution. Becky saves up an hour’s worth of questions into a small pile. Every hour they have a conflab and resolve the nit-picky issues. After that, Sandra knows she has a whole hour to focus on her work until the next get-together. Harmony reigns. A work relationship is re-booted. They’re a team that works.

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