Seth Godin recently blogged about trust and how ‘nothing is more important to our survival’. Trust is primordial, he says. ‘We look for clues in each other all the time.’

We often check out other people’s skills and put our trust in these. We do that all the time in recruitment and team-building.

But here’s the problem.

Our skills are not part of us. They are superficial, layered on stuff that we acquired as we got older. They can be thrown aside if we find something more interesting. When we place our trust in someone because of their skills, we are riding for a fall.

If you want people to trust you, you have to go deeper. Much deeper. You have to find the natural talent that’s hard-wired in your limbic brain – the oldest part of the brain – and put that on view. Your natural talent points you where you really want to go, it can’t be faked. Now you’ll build trust because others will know that when you speak from your natural talent, you’re speaking from you. The real you.

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